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In 1992, the legendary American Automobile manufacturer Ford introduced a new series of rear-wheel drive full-size sedan cars, called "Crown Victoria" (also known as "Crown Vic"). It was designed to replace the LTD Crown Victoria series (1979 – 1992). Another, law enforcement version was presented in the same year – it was used as a civilian police car until the early 2010s. Ford Crown Victoria has been manufactured in two generations.

The first generation (1992 – 1997) was based on the Ford Panther platform. It came with FR, body-on-frame layout and 114.4 inches wheelbase. This generation was also equipped with a 4.6 L SOHC Modular V8 engine and 4-speed automatic transmission. In 1995, the design was improved with a new grille, taillights, and dash. The Crown Victoria was available with some useful features as well, such as anti-lock brake system (ABS) and an optional traction control system.

The second generation was launched in 1998. It featured new exterior design with bigger headlights, distinct bumpers, and a rectangular grille. The interior was updated with a new steering wheel. The wheelbase was slightly increased as well. In 2003, the Crown Victoria was upgraded again with a new chassis with hydroformed steel construction. Both the front and rear suspension were modified. The engine was also improved for better performance. However, Ford Crown Victoria was discontinued in 2011.

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