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The first Fisker hybrid electric cars were manufactured in 2011 by Fisker Automotive. Production halted in 2012 due to problems with suppliers, and the firm declared bankruptcy. The only Fisker model produced was the Fisker Karma.

The Fisker Karma received positive reviews, with car reviews website writing: “The 2012 Fisker Karma is at once an exotic sports car, a four-door and a plug-in hybrid. The brainchild of Henrik Fisker, a veteran of Aston Martin and BMW, the Karma was developed by Fisker Automotive in Irvine, California, and is assembled in Finland.

“The Karma has an electric range of roughly 50 miles on a full charge, and an onboard gas engine and generator can then be activated, allowing it to drive an extra 250 miles.

“As of its launch, the Karma will come in three versions: EcoStandard, EcoSport and EcoChic. EcoSport and EcoChic are essentially option packages that can be added to the base EcoStandard.

“The imposing Karma would look at home among exotics from Ferrari and Lamborghini, yet it seats four adults and has four doors. At 196.7 inches long, the Karma is about an inch longer than the Porsche Panamera and an inch shorter than the Aston Martin Rapider - both four-door sedans. The Bentley Continental Flying Spur is a foot longer.”

Automotive Stuff makes it easy to add performance features to your Fisker Karma. As Canada’s largest source of performance parts, Automotive Stuff has parts available for you Fisker Karma.

Car covers

Automotive Stuff offers a selection of car covers for your Fisker Karma.

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Automotive Stuff also offers a selection bug screens and winter fronts for your Fisker Karma.

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