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Fifty-five years ago, the legendary American Automobile manufacturer Chrysler introduced a new series of full-size pickup trucks under the "Dodge" brand. They were based on the Chrysler AD platform and came as successors of the Dodge C Series. Dodge pickups were available with 2 or 4 doors and their history includes three generations until 1980. In 1981, a fourth generation has started, but this generation was the beginning of the famous Dodge Ram pickups. The name "Ram" comes from the Ram hood ornament. Dodge Ram pickups always provide an excellent combination of dependability, durability and high towing performance. Since 2010, the Ram pickups have been produced by the Ram Trucks brand and are currently in their fourth generation.

Dodge W250 is a full-size pickup truck with four-wheel drive layout and a three-quarter ton weight. It was a part of the first generation Ram trucks in 1981 – 1993, although Dodge also used the nameplate "Power Ram" for the four-wheel-drive pickups. During this period, Dodge started using a new, Cummins B Series engine. This is a straight-six engine with direct injection. Dodge W250 was provided with a Cummins engine as well. The W250 model also featured an upgraded version of the A727 automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual transmission.

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