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Very few trucks scream "Heavy Duty" quite like the Dodge Ram trucks. The Dodge Ram 3500 is undoubtedly the pinnacle of the Dodge Ram series when it comes to heavy duty towing and performance. Following its introduction, the Ram 3500 was available in both two and four wheel drive and features front solid axles with center axle disconnect. To this day, the Dodge Ram 3500 continues to raise the bar to new levels.

Awarded the Manufacturer of the Year Award for 2011, the Ram brand was hailed as "one of the most innovative lineups of full-size trucks on the market" by Off-Road Adventures magazine. It's no surprise then that the Ram 3500 has continued to improve, blazing even more trails. Featuring the Parkview Rear Back Up Camera, the Ram 3500 provides drivers with crystal clear view of everything behind them, ensuring that parking and trailer hook ups are easier than ever. The Ram 3500 comes with extra under-seat storage in the Crew and Mega Cab trucks to ensure that everything you need is always at hand.

There are certain things in life that command instant respect. The Dodge Ram 3500 falls into this category. If you're looking to stand out from the crowd, trust Automotive Stuff. We carry only the very best Dodge Ram Accessories and Parts. Our quality selection will ensure that your truck makes an instant impact anywhere, everywhere.