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Dodge Dakota (also known as “Ram Dakota”) is a series of mid-size pickup trucks. They were the first mid-size pickups with an optional V8 engine. Dakota models feature a traditional design with body-on-frame construction and a leaf spring/live axle rear end. These outstanding vehicles were also provided with innovative rack and pinion steering – for first time for work trucks. Dakota models were manufactured in three generations.

In 1986, Chrysler has introduced the first Dodge Dakota, which was released as 1987 model. The first generation (1987–1996) came with Inline-four and V6 engines available along with either a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission. However, a lot of components were shared with the current Chrysler products. The second generation (1997–2004) featured semi-truck appearance. At the beginning, the vehicles from this generation were too similar to the first Dakotas; however, the latest models were available with improved design and new features.

The third and final generation was launched in 2005. It was provided with bigger size as well as new front and rear suspension, and rack-and-pinion steering. The third generation also featured refreshed design and was offered in club cab and quad cab configurations. As of 2010, the Dakota became a part of the Ram lineup, but the “Dodge” emblem on the tailgate remained. This is why these vehicles are often called either “Dodge Dakota” or “Ram Dakota”. The third generation was discontinued in 2011.

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