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About 9,000 DeLorean DMC-12 automobiles were produced in the 1980s. The automobile received very positive reviews, with US car enthusiast magazine Road & Track writing: “Putting all else aside, [DeLorean founder] John Z DeLorean has done a remarkable thing: he has built an honest-to-goodness sports/GT car from scratch ... and it works.

“All of the attendant hype, flashy publicity involving show business personalities and oft-delayed introduction dates may have served to induce a healthy dose of skepticism in automotive circles, but now that we have put a DeLorean through our road test procedure, we find that it's an exciting car in many ways.

“It may well be that the DeLorean will become a cult car, purchased for status reasons by persons wishing to be seen as individualists. And if that keeps serious car enthusiasts away, that's a shame, because the DeLorean is a handsomely styled, comfortable and fun-to-drive automobile.”

However, its high cost prevented it from achieving mass-market success, and production ceased in 1982. An estimated 6,000 DeLorean DMC-12s are still on the road today. The automobile featured prominently in the Back to the Future film trilogy, where it was transformed into a time machine.

Tdot Performance makes it easy for you to add performance features to your DeLorean. As Canada’s largest source of performance parts, Automotive Stuff has the best performance parts for DeLorean DMC-12.


You have many choices available for brake kits, brake pads and brake rotors.

Engine components

Choose form a wide selection of oil filters, motor mounts, stud kits and performance valve covers.


Automotive Stuff offers an excellent selection of air filters and oil filters.

Ignition systems

Choose from a wide selection of ignition coils, spark plug wires and spark plugs.

Other products

Automotive Stuff also offers a selection of car covers and replacement light bulbs for DeLorean vehicles.

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