COMP Cams Shaft Mount Aluminum Roller Rocker Arm Sets

COMP Cams Shaft Mount Aluminum Roller Rocker Arm Sets

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  • COMP Cams Shaft Mount Aluminum Roller Rocker Arm Sets

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The COMP Cams Shaft Mount Aluminium Roller Rocker Arms are cost efficient means to improve horsepower levels. Integrating sturdy aluminium rockers and robust steel shafts, these rocker arms are a reliable and long-lasting solution to improve the stability of the cylinder head and valve train. The appropriate placement of the rockers over the valve makes certain that power from the camshaft is constructively delivered to the valve. These rockers appropriately centre the roller tip above the valve tip at the correct time to make certain it's never off centre for more than 0.020 inches.

When the valve is fully opening or closing, the roller tip contact is positioned slightly behind the valve's centreline. This blueprint ensures your engine is being provided maximum power and performance gains. These rocker arms have an efficient oiling system which certifies oil is continuously being provided from the pushrod cup to the shaft bearings and the roller tip. Designed using modern and advanced technology, the COMP Cams Shaft Mount Aluminium Rocker Arm Set is guaranteed to be a beneficial upgrade for just about any racing application.


  • Constructed of Robust Material
  • Perfect for Any Performance Street Application

Since its establishment in 1976, Competitions Cams Inc., more famously known as COMP Cams has been an industry leader in the production of top quality valve train components. Prioritizing both the custom builder and the race enthusiast, COMP Cams' engineers incorporate only proven technology, efficient procedures and the most cutting edge equipment to produce their camshafts, rocker arms, valve lifters and other essential engine components. This is the same design process being utilized to develop reliable components for championship winning teams in international competitions like NASCAR and NHRA.

For more than three decades, COMP Cams has established a huge collection of standard setting camshafts and valve train solutions that emphasize outstanding performance on the track and the street. Adding to that, the company also offers free expert technical assistance to its customers to ensure they make the proper purchase for their specific application. With a passion to continuously improve, it's no wonder COMP Cams has been a household name for teams competing in the most prestigious circle track, drag racing, road race and off-road racing. Currently based in Memphis, Tennessee, COMP Cams continues to be a reliable brand by providing innovative and modern performance parts that never settle for second place.

  • Constructed of Robust Material
  • Perfect for Any Performance Street Application
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