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The first Citroën automobiles were manufactured in 1919, with Citroën becoming part of the PSA Peugeot Citroën group in 1976.

The firm has been very successful in competition for the World Touring Car Championship, World Rally Championship and World Rally Raid Championship. Citroën is the only automobile manufacturer that has won the three championships sponsored by the International Automobile Federation.

Citroën is also a three-time winner of the European Car of the Year award. Citroën’s current line-up includes the C-Zero, C1, C3, C4, C5, C-Elysee, Nemo, Berlingo, Jumpy and Jumper.

Automotive Stuff makes it easy to add performance features to your Citroën. Automotive Stuff is Canada’s largest source of performance parts, and has parts available for the following Citroën models: D21, DS11, DS15, DS19, DS21, DS21 Pallas, ID19 and SM.

Citroën Air intake systems

Here at TDot performance, we offer a variety of cold air intake systems built to improve the performance of your Citroën

Citroën Batteries

There is a variety of car batteries available for select Citroën models, including the Optima RedTop, YellowTop and BlueTop high-performance AGM batteries.


You have several choices regarding Citroën brake kits, brake pads and brake rotors.

Citroën Engine components

Choose from an excellent selection of engine parts, oil filters, stud kits, oil pans, motor mounts and valve covers.

Citroën Filters

Automotive Stuff offers an excellent selection of air filters, miscellaneous filters and oil filters. The perfect improvements to your car

Citroën Fuel systems

Choose from a wide selection of fuel filters, throttle body spacers and fuel pumps.

Citroën Ignition systems

Automotive Stuff offers an excellent selection of spark plugs, ignition coils and spark plug wire sets.

Other products

Automotive Stuff also offers a selection of off-road lights and replacement bulbs for Citroën vehicles.

If you have any questions, use our online help form, email us at or call us toll-free on 1-800-276-7566.