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Featuring an incredibly unique and eye-catching aesthetic, the Bricklin SV-1 has impressed both older and newer generation car enthusiasts. With its Back to the Future-esque look, this vehicle is good-looking, resilient and effortless to handle. The Bricklin SV-1 was produced and released some time in the 1970s. The company manufactured about 3000 units in total before production ended. In order to maximize the Bricklin’s functionality, top-quality aftermarket upgrades have been established to take the place of outdated factory variants.

Automotive Stuff is your trusted retailer when it comes to high quality and well-fitted aftermarket parts and accessories for the Bricklin. We bestow improved power and performance through top-level engine components, suspension systems, ignition systems, and exhaust systems. With first-rate air intake systems, air filters, and cooling systems, your engine is certain to breathe unrestrictedly and operate better. We also have replacement lighting bulbs for maximized illumination when you’re driving at night or in darker environments.

When it comes to where to buy your Bricklin Parts, Automotive Stuff certifies the best prices and deals in the USA. We are a verified dealer of well-known aftermarket brands such as Edelbrock, Hella, Kooks Headers, Holley, BBK Performance and Comp Cams. All your purchases are certified to be authentic, brand new, and fully sealed.