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Automotive Stuff offers the best selection of XXR products on the market. With years of research, experience, and exceptional design solutions, XXR Wheels are known for their striking high-quality wheels that more than reliably free any vehicle from looking like an average ride. XXR Rims are not only striking and good-looking but their progressive design also ensures functionality and resilience for better steering performance and a long lifespan.


With a proud history that dates back to 1976, XXR is well known for creating alloy wheels that provide tremendous value for money. The company has worked alongside a range of top manufacturers, as well as creating their own products, so when you need a firm you can trust, XXR is not going to let you down. The striking design of an XXR Wheel will effectively affirm your vehicle’s uncompromising and inimitable personality. For more than four decades, XXR Wheels have designed and manufactured aluminum alloy wheels for original equipment and aftermarket applications. The company manufactures more than two million striking custom wheel designs per year in their two high-quality facilities. The engineers of XXR affirm a reliable, robust, and long-lasting quality as each of their rim designs undergo meticulous standardized assessments like high-speed resistance tests, metal spectrum analysis, wheel bending tests, and many others.

Different Designs to Fit Different Driving Personalities

One of the main aims of XXR is to ensure motorists drive a work of art. This sets them apart from many companies, because they go the extra mile in creating a stylish and attractive set of wheels. When you are after the best-looking wheels, XXR has the range to satisfy you.

With a plethora of unique wheel designs, the XXR Wheel Brand provides the best upgrades for different driving personalities. Their large selection ensures that customers are free to select the ideal wheel configuration and coatings to complement their ride’s striking overall appearance. Showcase a sportier look with the step lip design and flat black/gloss black, gold/platinum, or graphite/platinum finish combination of the XXR 570. These striking XXR Racing Wheels come with removable rivets available in chrome, red, blue, gold, flat black, and gloss black coatings. The sleek seven-spoke design and extra-wide wheel width of the XXR 560 Wheels amplify a vehicle’s elegance plus the chromium black or flat black finish looks especially great with cars in a black color scheme. Another aggressive and refined option is the XXR 565 which features a rugged five-spoke pattern and a step lip design. A superb choice for the most striking vehicles, the 565 is available in three awesome finishes, namely: gold with a platinum lip, graphite with a platinum lip, and flat black with a gloss black lip. They come with removable rivets in five striking finishes which include chrome, red, blue, gold, flat black, and gloss black.

Not only do XXR Wheels feature a striking and awe-inspiring look but the company’s engineers have made certain that fitment, affordability, and functionality are also emphasized. The lightweight design of these wheels promotes better steering, braking, and cornering. What’s more, XXR Wheels are renowned all over the globe and affirmed by various certificates such as the international standards on accreditation of ISO 9002 and QS 9000. With a gorgeous look and improved steering, XXR Rims are indeed the standard-bearer when it comes to high-quality wheel designs.

Striking Deals and Free Shipping of XXR Rims at Automotive Stuff

While some people may assume that the focus on aesthetic beauty means the functional side of XXR is being overlooked, this is definitely not the case. XXR is a company that is utterly committed to creating durable and reliable wheels that can withstand the most demanding and difficult conditions.

When it comes to where to buy your XXR Racing Wheels, Automotive Stuff is the most reputable online dealer that offers every rim design by the prestigious brand. As an authorized retailer, we affirm that all the XXR Wheels we carry are 100% authentic and brand new. Our large collection of XXR Wheels comes in different designs, configurations, and striking color schemes to suit different needs. Whether you want high-quality rims finished in chromium black, hyper gold, gloss black, bronze, copper, machined black, silver, or platinum black, we can affirm that you’ll find the best prices for them at our shop. To generate a truly distinctive look and free your ride from any comparisons, we also offer XXR Wheels that are designed in unique color combinations like flat black with a gloss black lip, silver with a gloss black lip, and black with gold rivets. For drivers in the United States, we offer free shipment to anywhere in the country. All your orders come free of any customs, duties, or brokerage fees.

Get the Proper Lug Nuts for Your XXR Racing Wheels

If you’re looking to swap those stock wheels with a set of XXR Rims, selecting the right lug nuts are essential to ensure safe and consistent steering and braking. With the different designs of XXR Wheels available, chances are your old lug nuts will not fit on your new wheels. Lug nuts are small yet essential components that fasten the wheel’s hub to threaded wheel studs on the vehicle’s axle. A perfectly fit lug nut affirms the proper attachment of the wheel and its appropriate centering on the axle. The lug is positioned onto the wheel stud atop the wheel, with the lug’s seat in contact with the hub.

At Automotive Stuff, we carry a large assortment of lug nuts that come in various sizes, taper, and thread pitch. We offer lug nuts that are made of sturdy chrome-plated steel and coated in either a black or silver finish for an enhanced look. Whatever XXR Wheel you decide to purchase, we have the precise lug nuts for your needs. For further inquiries regarding the ideal XXR Wheels for your needs, please feel free to call our shop’s hotline toll-free at 1-800-995-8177.

Grab value for money when you buy XXR wheels

The dual focus on style and durability ensures that XXR wheels are among the best value wheels you can hope to find. Knowing that your great looking wheels are also built to deal with whatever road conditions you encounter in your travels offers fantastic peace of mind. For a set of wheels that allows you to take on all challenges, look no further than XXR for the wheels you can trust at all times.

Grab the wheels that meet your needs

If the fantastic range of XXR wheels have grabbed your attention, get in touch with us and we will sort you out. Email or phone Automotive Stuff and we'll get you ready to go with the best standard of XXR wheels on offer.