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TuxMat's mission is incredibly simple: Provide customers with the Ultimate Car Mat. The definition of "Ultimatec, according to Tuxmat, is "Perfect Fit. Maximum Coverage. Luxurious Finish." What makes Tuxmat so unique is the way it customizes its floor mats perfectly for customer vehicles. Using advanced laser scanning technology, TuxMat ensures that each of its floor mats is tailor-made for individual customer vehicles. Every TuxMat floor mat goes through stringent quality control and includes retention hook holes on the driver's mat, security clip kits, installation guides, and more before finally making its way to the customer's hands. TuxMat guarantees that once the order is placed, the shipment will leave the very next business day.

An extraordinary amount of research by TuxMat's engineers and researchers went into determining what goes into a TuxMat floor mat. Each TuxMat product features a three-layer makeup to ensure an unparalleled structural design. The top layer features a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) makeup, allowing for an easy molding mechanism, water-resistance, and extreme durability. The middle layer is made of EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate), providing the comfortable and ergonomic traits for which TuxMat is so well known. The third and final layer provides anti-slip properties to the floor mat, ensuring each TuxMat floor mat maintains its position to guarantee maximum coverage.