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TEIN (a combination between "Technical" and "Innovation") is a company with a clear mission: to develop and manufacture aftermarket products which bring out the best in your driving. Their advanced products are well recognized for their high quality and functionality across the aftermarket industry.

TEIN is focused on providing consumers with TEIN suspension systems that meet all of their safety, price, and quality expectations. To achieve this, the company has developed their own unique manufacturing process which makes no compromises with quality and efficiency. So if you're looking for sports shock absorbers, or other suspension products for your vehicle, you can put your trust in TEIN.

Automotive Stuff offers all TEIN products at the lowest prices in Canada. We are an authorized TEIN retailer, which means that our customers will enjoy the full protection of the manufacturer's warranty. You can be sure that when you order from us, you will pay no shipping, customs, duties, or border fees!

Why Choose TEIN?

You're looking for high performance and superior ride quality? No problem - just choose Tein suspension products, such as the TEIN coilover kits and alignment kits! They will improve your vehicle's handling and stability. And you know you won't be disappointed as these premium products are backed by Tein's defect warranty.

TEIN Products in Canada

Automotive Stuff is an authorized Canadian retailer of all TEIN products. And when you buy from us you'll enjoy the protection of the manufacturer's complete warranty. We are a Canadian owned and operated business which means our customers enjoy free shipping on all orders and will never be asked to pay customs, duties, or border fees. Remember that you can give us a call if you're having difficulty in finding a particular product on our website. Even if something is not listed on the site, we probably have it in our warehouse.