Automotive Stuff offers the best selection of Swagman products on the market. Swagman is known for their quality Bike Racks, Roof Racks, Garage Accessories, Trailer Hitches, and more. Whether it’s work or play, Swagman guarantees helpful and efficient innovations for outdoor applications. The Swagman Brand promotes an active lifestyle through automotive supplies and upgrades that make hauling equipment effortless. Regardless of whether you prefer to hitch your bikes on your vehicle’s rear or fasten them on the roof, no other brand can compare with the large system of products manufactured by Swagman. Automotive Stuff is the most trusted online shop that supplies Swagman’s well-regarded hitch mount bike racks, upright roof racks, tailgate pads, and all of their most innovative models. Our shop offers the most budget-friendly deals and free shipping to anywhere in the USA.


Featured Products

Swagman began its journey to becoming an internationally revered company as a small shop that supplies bike racks in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. As outdoor enthusiasts with a deep care for the needs of their fellow outdoor adventurers, Swagman would grow to produce more models that not only guarantee safe equipment hauling but also free any anxious thoughts enthusiasts may have when traveling miles away from home. Swagman is one of the first brands that designs and supplies hitch mount bike racks. Hitch racks free the need to wrestle your bikes into your car or truck. They mount to the receiver hitch and can haul as many as four bikes at once, emphasizing safety regardless of how many miles you drive. Hitch racks are helpful and convenient as they make it effortless to load and unload a bike to the back of your truck. To fit different hitch receivers and accommodate a different number of bikes, the Swagman Hitch Mount Bike Rack would later come in a variety of models to suit different needs.

More Than Just Top-Quality Hitch Mount Bike Racks

Besides the five out of five stars rated hitch mount bike rack, other innovations in Swagman’s stock include roof mount bike racks, kayak carriers, roof cargo boxes, winter sports racks, and many others. Garnering much positive feedback for their helpful and effortless solutions, Swagman would indeed play a huge role in bicycle, RV, watersports, and automobile markets. Whether you’re planning to enjoy the stars on a camping trip or kayaking with close friends, the exceptional models by Swagman are sure to take care of your needs.

Here are just some of the most efficient and helpful products by Swagman that garnered exceptional feedback:

  • Swagman XTC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack
  • Swagman XTC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack
  • Swagman XP Series Hitch Mount Bike Racks
  • Swagman Enforcer Roof Mount Bike Racks
  • Swagman Contour J Kayak Holders
  • Swagman Exo Aero Kayak Holders
  • Swagman Traveler XCS2 Series Hitch Mount Bike Racks
  • Swagman Skyline Roof Mount Bike Racks
  • Swagman Current Hitch Mount Bike Racks
  • Swagman Fat Basket

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