Effortlessly elevate horsepower and torque levels while improving fuel economy by integrating the handheld performance programmers and tuners by Superchips. Regardless if you drive a car, truck, van or SUV, the powerful Superchips Programmers will optimize your vehicle's performance in a matter of minutes. Established in 1977 as P.J. Detection Techniques, the company was rebranded as Superchips, whom were deeply involved in the racing industry and are one of the very first to enhance engines with electronic fuel injection systems. After being purchased by the Holley Performance Group along with other MSD Performance Group Brands in 2015, Superchips Tuners continue to be upgraded as the years pass. The company's top engineers integrate a design model that is known to use only proven techniques and progressive technology.


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Whether you drive Jeep Wrangler JK, a Dodge RAM Pickup Truck for 2011 or a Genesis Vehicles for the year 2017, Superchips make certain that proper handheld programmers and tuners along with cold air intake systems are available to maximize engine performance. One of the company's most highly praised innovations is the Flashpaq F5 Tuner. With an HD 2.8 inch fully coloured screen and easy interface, obtaining power and torque gains have never been simpler. The tuner has a higher memory and a fast processor for excellent upload times and quicker tunes. It is incredibly versatile, featuring end user parameters and bestowing superb tuning for economy, towing or performance driving applications. Adding to that, it effectively checks engine vitals and clears diagnostic trouble codes. It features quick updates over the internet and can be easily restored to factory settings.

If installation was a problem with other tuners, the Flashpaq F5 is a plug and play tuner designed to be integrated in mere minutes without the need for complicated tools. Furthermore, this tuner comes in two different colour versions to choose from: red or beige. The Superchips Flashpaq F5 is made available in different configurations so you're guaranteed precision should you be looking to add power to your Hyundai Genesis Vehicle or add performance gains to your Dodge Ram Truck.

The Flashpaq Programmer may also be sold alongside a Jammer Cold Air Intake System. This package is known as the Powerpaq Stage 1 Performance Kit. This kit is an exceptional means of taking power and torque levels to a whole new level. If engine breathability was a problem before, then the integrated Jammer Cold Air Intake System makes certain that colder and denser air is being pulled. To block off detrimental dirt and debris, Superchips offers two different filter options to choose from: dry or pre-oiled.

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