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Sniper EFI by Holley is the manufacturer of a wide range of Electronic Fuel Injection systems that are designed to bridge the gap between high-performance and affordability. Sniper EFIs are designed to let you have the ultimate performance upgrade and still have a budget remaining to upgrade your ride. Sniper EFIs are ideal for street rods, off-roading vehicles, muscle-cars, and a range of other carbureted vehicles.

All Sniper EFI products feature throttle-body mounted ECUs, thus ensuring that you do not have to mount any extra bouses. The ignition timing control as well as coil driver are integrated win the EFI. The OEM-level IAC/TPS, as well as fuel-pressure regulator, further add to the durability and longevity of the EFI system. Sniper EFI products are ideal for everyone from the casual driver to the professional racer