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Automotive Stuff offers the best selection of Reese products on the market. Reese is known for their quality Trailer Hitches, Automotive Chemicals, and more.

Reese is one of the oldest and most popular trailer hitch manufacturer's on the market. All Reese hitches are made using premium-grade materials, ensuring strength and longevity. Automotive Stuff is proud to carry the entire Reese Towing line of products at the lowest prices in Canada! We ship FREE to your door. All orders ship from our Canadian warehouse, meaning that you do not have to pay any customs, duties, or border fees. And because we are an authorized Reese dealer, you are protected by the full manufacturer's warranty.


Reese Towing was created to fill a need back in 1952. They saw that outdoor enthusiasts needed innovation in tow power. One off-road vehicle needed the power to tow another off-road vehicle. One truck needed the power to tow a trailer full of ATVs. The outdoor motor sports world was growing and the community demanded tow power. So, in 1952, Reese started to manufacture towpower products. The reception from the community was overwhelming.

Today, Reese continues to innovate with their trailer hitches and heavy duty towing products. They make a complete line of towpower products that include hitches, Reese hitch covers, electrical components, ball mounts, towing kits, hitch balls, locks, towing mirrors, jacks, winches, lighting, couplers and accessories. Their brand has spread to cover almost every aspect of towing. And you want to tow with Reese. These products will not let you down. Whether you are towing your favorite toys or looking to tow another car behind you, we have the product that is right for you. From simple class III trailer hitches to heavy duty pintle hooks, we have you covered. These products are made to stand the test of time and they are engineered to work in the harshest conditions, making them ideal for the Canadian consumer.

We want you to enjoy a durable, heavy duty and safe towing experience. That is why we are eager to help you find the Reese products that are right for you. Our line of Reese is extensive, so call us toll free at 1-800.276.7566. We will answer all of your questions about towing, from tongue weight to trailer capacity. When you order from inside Canada, you receive free shipping! And we waive the border fees. This means you get the world's best power towing equipment from the best company in the world delivered right to your door for free. Once your Reese is installed, you'll know why it is the best in the business.

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