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Automotive Stuff offers the best selection of Pendaliner products on the market. Pendaliner is known for its quality Bed Accessories, Mud Flaps, and more. Their exceptional pickup truck bed liners are highly-esteemed for being outstandingly resilient, good-looking, and designed with progressive features. If you want the best for your pickup truck, no other brand comes close to the exceptional quality of Pendaliner Bed Liners.
The Penda Corporation was established in 1975 in Portage, Wisconsin, and has since then been a top name in the automotive industry. Later in 1983, Penda entered the pickup truck bed liners market which soon proved to be their most renowned product thanks to a blueprint that emphasizes quality and innovation. No other brand came close to their pickup truck bed liners. Merging with the Fabri-Form Company, a renowned brand in thick sheet thermoforming, the PendaForm brand made further use of progressive design information and advanced technology to amplify quality. A fairly new yet innovative subsidiary of PendaForm, Pendaliner would enter in 2013 and has since then capitalized on the rising popularity of pickup trucks.

Give your pickup truck the best protection in the market with Pendaliner Truck Bed Liners. The company is especially well-regarded for its under-rail truck bed liners and over-rail truck bed liners. These covers feature new, durable, and premium materials for unbeatable protection against dents and scratches. The Pendaliner SR Drop-In Bed Liners offer a superb cover that provides close to two times the skid resistance and seven times the impact resistance of other popular truck bed liners.

As mentioned, the Pendaliner SR comes in under-rail and outer-rail variants. The under-rail truck bed liner is ideal if you’re aiming to mount a truck cap, tonneau cover, or side rail on your truck. The under-rail variant provides two-tier and compartmental loading. Meanwhile, the over-rail truck bed liner is best if you’re not looking to install additional truck accessories and if extra loading flexibility is not a priority. The over-rail model bestows extra rail protection and compartmental loading.

The Pendaliner SR is custom-engineered for precise fitment for every application and their drop-in blueprint ensures a fast installation to the pickup truck’s bed without the need for complex procedures such as drilling. The skid-resistant top and bottom of these truck bed covers efficiently decreases cargo movement and movement within the truck bed. The deep rich UV resistant finish warrants a great look for your truck bed for a long time. These truck bed liners have integrated board holders to assist in separating load. Moreover, some models of the Pendaliner SR have cupholders molded in the tailgate.

Whether you need pickup truck essentials like truck bed liners, headache racks, mufflers, air filters, bike racks, car covers, roof racks, or aftermarket rims, there’s not a more reliable and complete online retailer in the United States than Automotive Stuff. Enter our easy-to-navigate website for comprehensive product information, a fast transaction, and an even faster shipment system. We are an authorized dealer so we guarantee all the truck bed liners and any other Pendaliner products in our shop are 100% authentic and brand new. For further information or inquiries regarding Pendaliner Truck Bed Liners and many other superior pickup truck upgrades, please don’t hesitate to call our hotline at 1-800-995-8177! Our experts are more than happy to provide you with the necessary information you need to make the right purchase.