In 1985, the brilliant mind of Mark Heffington has established the highly regarded Hypertech Inc. with a main mission of engineering high end computer programmers, power chips, speedometer calibrators, microprocessors, and other progressive vehicle tuning devices. It was in 1986 that Hypertech designed its very first power chip that effectively replaced ordinary stock engine control computers. Through the years, the variation of Hypertech Tuners and Programmers consistently grew. The company made it a strict rule to use only the most relevant, advanced and proven technologies and methodologies when manufacturing their products. This system has earned them multiple awards such as SEMA Best Performance Street Product and Best Engineered Product.


Featured Products

Hypertech Power Tuning maximizes air, fuel and spark to improve the horsepower and torque of computer controlled vehicles. Power Tuning appropriately replaces stock calibrations of late model vehicles to constructively improve functions such as fuel delivery and spark timing. With modern technology continuously growing, Hypertech made certain to integrate progressive software and codes in their design to optimize the performance and fuel economy benefits bestowed to your engines. Other than today's most advanced programmers, products available in Hypertech's prestigious collection include performance fuel system components such as an electric fuel pump and an air charger as well as performance ignition systems like a power coil kit. With Hypertech's principle of relentlessly improving their products and prioritizing their customer's needs, one can only see a bright future for this illustrious company.

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