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In 1985, the brilliant mind of Mark Heffington has established the highly regarded Hypertech Inc. with a main mission of engineering high end computer programmers, power chips, speedometer calibrators, microprocessors, and other progressive vehicle tuning devices. It was in 1986 that Hypertech designed its very first power chip that effectively replaced ordinary stock engine control computers. Through the years, the variation of Hypertech Tuners and Programmers consistently grew. The company made it a strict rule to use only the most relevant, advanced and proven technologies and methodologies when manufacturing their products. This system has earned them multiple awards such as SEMA Best Performance Street Product and Best Engineered Product.

Unlock your vehicle's full performance potential with the exceptional innovation of Hypertech. This prestigious company takes your vehicle to a whole new level with exceptional programmers, modules, and power chips. Integrating the most advanced of modern technology, Hypertech maximizes on stored Electronic Controlled Units (ECU) to bring forth better user control along with a number of excellent features. These cutting edge innovations will effectively reprogram your ride's system to generate improved power and fuel economy.

Hypertech has been a reliable industry leader since 1985 when it was founded in Tennessee. The company is composed of the most knowledgeable engineers and technicians who research, design and produce top-of-the-market engine tuning products on a daily basis. A truly highly regarded name, Hypertech has won multiple awards such as SEMA Best Performance Street Product and Best Engineered Product.

As an authorized dealer, Automotive Stuff carries all the latest innovative tuners and performance solutions by Hypertech. From the Hypertech Max Energy Programmer to the Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator, we certify the best deals and the lowest prices for your specific needs. All these components are properly packaged, brand new and duly backed by an official manufacturer's warranty. Emphasizing an easy purchase, Automotive Stuff will deliver your purchases directly to your doorsteps in just three to five working days. Shipment to anywhere in America is absolutely free of any customs, duties or brokerage fees. Make certain your ride's performance is consistently excellent by integrating the inimitable tuning upgrades of Hypertech.