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Hedman Hedders was founded more than six decades ago as a one man shop. Bob Hedman began his business selling exhaust tubes to fellow racers, and has since grown it to become a leader in manufacturing racing and street hedders. Hedman Hedders will give your ride the best boost in power for your dollar! So it's no wonder the brand is a top choice among the world's racing elite engine builders and racers.

Hedman Hedders continues to manufacture industry-leading products of the highest quality while meeting environmental requirements. The company relies on the latest in computer technology to create products that will deliver truly superior performance improvements.

Automotive Stuff offers all Hedman Hedder products at the lowest prices you will find in Canada! We are an authorized Hedman Hedders retailer. This means if you purchase your new product from us you will enjoy the complete protection of the manufacturer's warranty. And we will never ask you to pay shipping, customs, duties, or brokerage fees!

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If performance is important to you, you can be certain that Hedman Hedders products will deliver. Hedman Hedders first goal is to develop its products and accessories to deliver optimal performance. And even if you're not a racer, keep in mind that the brand's street hedders are designed with all the knowledge and experience from the track and on the dyno.

Hedman Hedders exhaust systems are world reknowned and developed from the roots of a company who eat, sleep and breath racing. Every bit of research to date has developed the efficient, quality products we see today.

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Automotive Stuff is an authorized Canadian retailer of all Hedman Hedders products. And this means that if you place your order with us you'll also get the complete protection of Hedman Hedder's manufacturer warranty. Automotive Stuff is 100% Canadian owned and operated. So we'll never ask you to pay any shipping, customs, duties, or brokerage fees! If you can't find the product you're looking for just give us a call. If a certain product is not listed on the site doesn't mean we don't have it in our warehouse!