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Grid Off-Road is one with massive off-road enthusiast in their goal to dominate uneven terrain, by research and development of performance off-road wheels and rims that are fitting of the best of the best. From automobiles, to trucks, Grid Off-Road offers a cornucopia of varying off-road products, ensuring everybody has something that fits their vehicle perfectly. These ultra-durable wheels are a result of precision engineering and utmost dedication to quality output. Grid Off-Road wheels are made to withstand even the worst of off-road terrain. Coming at various styles and finishes, you’re sure to turn heads with your Grid Off-Road wheel upgrade.

What’s more is that Grid Off-Road Wheels are made to be compatible with tire pressure mounting systems. With a selection of either one-piece cast wheels that have two-piece center cap design for easy access to manual locking hubs, or two-piece forged variants that are manufactured from quality aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum blocks and feature forged aluminum center caps for a more aggressive, exposed hardware aesthetic. Whatever vehicle model you may have, Grid Off-Road has a solution for your needs. Quality performance and aesthetics come hand in hand with Grid Off-Road Wheels.


Automotive Stuff is an authorized retailer of all Grid Off-Road products. What this means is that when you purchase a product from us it will also come with the complete protection of Grid Off-Road's manufacturer warranty.