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Based in Scotts Valley, California and established in 1974 by Bob Fox, Fox has made engineering high quality shock absorbers and suspension components its main goal. Fox's broad collection of resilient suspension solutions is precise and highly efficient. This means that regardless if you drive an off-road truck, motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile, Fox has manufactured reliable upgrades for your specific make and model. For over three decades, Fox has been an industry leader that makes certain race enthusiasts all over the globe obtain nothing less than the top prize in whatever competition they're participating in.

In 1977, the Fox brand was split into Fox Racing and Fox Head Inc. under Geoff Fox and Fox Factory under Bob Fox. Fox Racing Shox is a brand used by Fox Factory which focuses on taking your truck's off road performance to a whole new level. Whether you're looking to adjust your Jeep Wrangler's ride height for a more aggressive stance or improve the overall handling for better performance on rock climbing and desert racing, Fox Racing Shox has coilover shocks, coilover springs and steering stabilizers to get the job done. They are also incredibly resilient as they are guaranteed to function efficiently even with heavy equipment being hauled at the truck bed. Adding to that, the elevated appearance would further enhance the dominant look of off-road components such as grille guards and bull bars. Each Fox Component is meticulously designed and reviewed by a team of the most talented engineers in the industry. Their design goal is quite simple. It is to make certain that Fox-equipped vehicles are able to overcome the toughest global competitions such as the sands of Baja and the dunes of Dakar.

As a certified retailer, Automotive Stuff is proud to carry the latest and most innovative products by Fox. From the exceptional Fox Racing Shox 2.0 Performance Series IFP Shock to the 2.0 Adventure Series IFP Steering Stabilizers, if the shock series is on the company official website, you can guarantee that we have both the front and rear variant ready to be delivered to your doorsteps. Speaking of deliveries, shipment to anywhere in America is free of brokerage, customs or hidden fees. So what are you waiting for? Shop more on Automotive Stuff and obtain the high quality Fox Shocks that will maximize your vehicle's full potential.