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Fox Shox is an industry leader when it comes to designing and manufacturing a large series of high-performance suspension components that provide smooth travel and optimized stability. Fox Shox’s body of suspension products includes shock absorbers, air shocks, steering stabilizers, bump stops, and bike forks. Their product range also consists of performance accessories like anodized aluminum reservoir mounting clamps, steering tie rod end clamps, and high-pressure FOX Air Valves among others. These racing-inspired performance parts come in a series of configurations to effectively accommodate trucks, motorbikes, mountain bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and a range of off-road vehicles. If you’re looking for an online shop that has the latest Fox Shox Products with the best sale prices, Automotive Stuff is the modern driver’s top choice.

Fox Shox at Automotive Stuff

Fox Shox is a go-to brand when it comes to suspension upgrades for trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and a range of other vehicles looking to conquer the harsh off-roads. While your factory suspension may provide a good travel quality, the racing-inspired suspension products of Fox Shox certify smooth, precise, and stable handling, steering, and braking. Since its establishment in 1974, the company's mission has always been to elevate vehicle drivability and ride quality. Integrating heavy-duty body components and cutting-edge technology, the range of innovations by Fox Shox is reliably efficient and incredibly resilient. They bolt and install effortlessly to your specific year and model thanks to a precise design. From their shock absorbers to their steering stabilizers to their tie rod end clamps, Fox Shox Products are thoroughly tested by the company’s body of top engineers in an advanced factory to ensure superb performance and long-lasting durability that conforms to the automotive industry's high standards. Here at Automotive Stuff, our shop guarantees you'll find every new series of Fox Shox Component you need to improve smooth ride handling, enhance vehicle stance, and set your ride’s performance apart from the rest.

Top Quality Shock Absorbers

For over three decades, Fox Shox has engineered high-performance shock absorbers to bestow smooth drivability and better control on racing, daily driving, and various performance applications. These shock absorbers incorporate real-life racing data from years of experience and they undergo rigorous performance tests to warrant efficiency and reliability. With the shock body and essential components made tough, a Fox Shox Shock Absorber is built to last a long time.

For truck owners looking to improve on-road travel and off-road performance, Fox Shox offers three shock absorber series to suit their needs. Our shop offers the Factory Series, Performance Series, and Adventure Series Shock Absorbers for sale. The Factory Race Series Shock Absorbers are designed to bestow smooth control, better steering, race-appropriate performance, and excellent damping in just about any road or terrain. Featuring a smooth bore zinc plated seamless steel body and black anodized T6 aluminum components, the Factory Series Shock Absorbers are built to stand the test of time and overcome demanding performance challenges.

The Performance Series Shock Absorbers come with a range of performance features and advanced technology to provide smooth on-road travel and reliable off-road steering even in the most demanding environments. The Performance Series integrates a CNC machined 6061-T6 clear anodized aluminum one-piece body for better cooling capacity and superb rust-resistance while the vehicle-specific upper mount incorporates a composite bushing to isolate noise and vibration. Lastly, the Adventure Series Shock Absorbers generate a superb ride quality and smooth control during unpredictable adventures. The excellent damping technology of this series ensures travels are comfortable during both on-road and off-road conditions.

Fox Shox Racing and Adventures

As a progressive company that has consistently grown since its establishment, Fox Shox is a top choice if you’re looking to edit and replace your factory suspension with superior shock absorbers, air shocks, and other racing suspension parts. Fox Shox has a huge series of upgrades for snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, mountain bikes, and motorbikes. With a series of configurations provided, Fox Shox’s body of engineers allows you to get the ride quality you desire while making certain that obtaining it is smooth and effortless. For instance, the Fox Factory Series Forks allow mountain bike owners to fine-tune their bike to their exact damping preferences through a few clicks. The Factory Series Forks integrate smooth and durable Kashima Coating for longevity. Meanwhile, Fox’s Performance Series Forks incorporates corrosion-resistant black anodized 7000 series aluminum upper tubes paired with the patented GRIP damper which lets excess oil purge through specially designed ports to warrant consistently smooth damping and outstanding resilience. Fox Shox Forks offer modifiable air spring pressure and rebound adjust.

For UTV enthusiasts, expect better bottom-out control without compromising ride comfort and enhanced handling dynamics with the Factory Race Series Shocks for the POLARIS XP1000/XP1000 TURBO UTVs. These shocks effectively replace the factory suspension of the UTV to provide smoother performance for those looking to race, ride dunes, or conquer the desert. Designed with a dual-stage spring set with adjustable crossover rings, UTV drivers are given effortless control to fine-tune the shocks to their exact needs. To suit different travel conditions, the Factory Series Race Shocks bestow independent high and low-speed compression adjusters along with wide-range rebound adjusters. Thanks to the rust-resistant hard-anodized aluminum body and 7/8-inch hard chromed shafts, expect superb durability and an extensive lifespan to couple the smooth operation of these UTV Shocks. As a direct bolt-on replacement to factory shocks, these UTV shocks mount effortlessly and increase the bore diameter to significantly reduce fade on long runs in the desert at a fast pace.

Wide selection of Fox Shox Products at Automotive Stuff

As an authorized retailer, Automotive Stuff carries all the latest coilover kits, steering components, stabilizer kits, shocks and struts and bump stops engineered by Fox Shox. We offer these products in a variety of configurations to suit different needs and preferences. We guarantee all the Fox Shox Upgrades you purchase are brand new and authentic. What's more, shipment in the United States is free from any customs, duties or brokerage fees. From exhaust systems to front and rear suspension kits to air filters to transfer cases, shop more on Automotive Stuff for the most cost efficient vehicle upgrades in America.