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Founded in 1938, Edelbrock LLC is a globally renowned manufacturer of high-end performance replacement parts. Edelbrock components are known for enhancing the overall driving experience by boosting horsepower levels, improving control and stability, as well as generating a powerful exterior exhaust tone. Whether you drive a Ford Mustang, a Dodge Ram or a Jeep Wrangler, an Edelbrock upgrade is certain to take its performance to a whole new level.

Proven Performance by Edelbrock

From the brilliant mind of Vic Edelbrock Sr., the highly regarded Edelbrock Brand began when Vic purchased a 1932 Ford Roadster which would then result in the engineering of the first Edelbrock Intake Manifold AKA The Slingshot. These Flathead Ford Manifolds were able to generate a speed of 112mph to overcome the toughest races. This manifold caught the attention of various race teams and Vic soon received multiple requests for his designs. With his reputation flourishing, he would soon develop a machine shop in Hollywood, California before releasing the first catalog of “Edelbrock Power and Speed Equipment”. A few years later, Vic would set up his first purpose-built shop on Jefferson Blvd where he further expanded his business with more effective designs of intake manifolds, cylinder heads and racing pistons. Many hours of research, design and testing go into each of his product before being presented to the market.

Today, Edelbrock Corporation has grown to be a reliable leader for both everyday drivers and competitive racers. The company lives up to its prestigious reputation through their advanced facilities which are established in six locations. Three are in Torrance California, two in San Jacinto, California, and one in Sanford North Carolina which totals to over 500,000 square feet. They constructed R&D, manufacturing, and state-of-the-art testing facilities among others.

Edelbrock Camshaft Edelbrock Carburetor Edelbrock Supercharger Edelbrock Fuel Filter

The Wide Selection of Products available by Edelbrock

When it comes to maximizing your ride’s performance, Edelbrock has you covered with the most efficient and highest quality components available. Their arsenal consists of engine assemblies, intake manifolds, superchargers, electronic fuel injections, fuel pumps, cylinder heads, nitrous exhausts, mufflers and many more. All of which come in a variety of sizes, styles and configurations to properly suit your specific needs. Utilizing today’s most cutting edge technology, all of Edelbrock’s top of the line components are thoroughly built by the most knowledgeable engineers in the United States. To top it off, Edelbrock Products are thoroughly assessed using the most rigorous procedures to guarantee reliability and durability even in circumstances with high heating and pressure.