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The EBC Brake Pads are engineered to take the place of generic factory variants and significantly improve overall driving quality. Thoroughly designed for everyday driving to heavy-duty trucks to sport racing applications, these brake pads reliably withstand high friction and temperature levels. They integrate a top quality material that greatly reduces brake dust while preventing brake rotor wear. Adding to that, they feature an anti-rust powder coating for a long-lasting great appearance. From the highly regarded EBC Green Stuff to the track day efficient EBC Yellow Stuff, the company’s high end brake pads are made available in a range of designs in order to precisely suit your specific application. The EBC Brake Pads bestow the most efficient braking when they are matched with other EBC parts such as their brake rotors and brake callipers. For a complete braking upgrade, customers are also offered a selection of top quality brake kits which include appropriately matched brake pads and rotors.

Automotive Stuff has been the go-to name for brand new EBC Brake Pads, Rotors, Calipers and other brake products of the company. We also carry exhaust systems, tonneau covers, air filters, step bars and many other superb aftermarket components. Automotive Stuff guarantees the lowest prices in all of America and the fastest delivery that takes just three to five working days. Shipment is free from any customs, duties or brokerage fees. What you see in our website is the exact amount you pay. Unlock your vehicle’s full potential while saving some hard earned cash by purchasing your upgrades from Automotive Stuff.