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EBC is world renowned for their innovation, quality control, product performance and customer service. EBC is extremely committed to crafting high quality safety components like brake pads and rotors. To that end, EBC manufactures all of its products in world-class facilities with an emphasis on research, design, and quality control instead of low prices. They believe saving a few dollars should never come before your safety and the safety of your passengers.

EBC is also highly conscious of the world around us, both environmentally and socially. EBC has never used asbestos, lead, nickel, ceramic fibres, or antimony trisulphide (a carcinogenic material) in any of its products. Similarly, EBC does not operate manufacturing facilities in the developing world because they refuse to propagate the use of child labor and wage abuse.

For these reasons, EBC brake pads and rotors may not be the cheapest products on the market. However, when you buy an EBC product, you know that you are getting a premium quality product that won't harm you or the environment.