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Established in 1918, Dorman has been a dependable manufacturer of the most dependable automotive replacement parts. The main missions of this prestigious company are to generate excellent products that match the fit, efficiency and performance of original equipment manufacturer parts, as well as to redesign other aspects to eliminate common flaws in the original part’s designs. With more than 130, 000 top quality products in their arsenal, Dorman is guaranteed to have whatever heavy duty and long-lasting components you need.

What separates Dorman from other brands is that their official website is host to more than just new product alerts, new product announcements, potential new product ideas and recent activities in the automotive industry. Apart from making certain that the modern driver is provided the reliable solutions they need, Dorman also wants to ensure that the products they purchase is proper. For this reason, they’ve established the Dorman University which is a training initiative that’s open to the public and available for all channels of the aftermarket. From their medium duty program to their driveshaft assembly program, Dorman University grants free highly educational product training.

When it comes to where to buy your Dorman auto parts, Automotive Stuff carries a complete collection of Dorman’s top quality replacement solutions. Like the official website of Dorman, we simplify the selecting and purchasing procedure with an advanced search engine. This way, different driving personalities can precisely search products they need and have them quickly delivered to their doorsteps. We also keep our customers updated with product ideas, product alerts and the latest happenings in Dorman to ensure the parts they obtain are the biggest bang for their buck.