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Known throughout history as premium performance tools, DiabloSport offers 3 of the best performance tuners around: the InTune, the Predator, and the Trinity. All three are made available to provide you, the driver, control over your vehicle like never before. With customer reviews all over the globe highly regarding their innovations, DiabloSport prides itself with an inimitable quality that only provides dyno-tested tunes out of the box.

Since its genesis in Florida in the year 2000, DiabloSport is widely known for its hand-held ECU programmers for popular vehicle brands such as Ford, Audi, GM and Chrysler. Other products they engineer include a huge line of computer chips and modules, mass airflow sensor controllers, electrical switches, and more. Regardless if you own a car, truck or van, tuning has never been more accessible and easy. Through DiabloSport's performance tuners, there was not a more straightforward way to upgrade your vehicle's performance without popping the hood.

The InTune Tuner is what you want if you're looking for the biggest horsepower gain. It's very easy to use, adds torque on top of power, enhances throttle responsiveness, optimizes drivability, and helps you save on gas. The third and latest rendition of his Diablosport innovation is the InTune i3 performance programmer. This 3rd generation performance programmer gives you your engine's peak performance at the palm of your hands. The third generation inTune i3 Programmer has all the essential features that make adjustments easier and more convenient. It displays and clears trouble codes, logs data, generates periodic backups and many more. This item comes in two variants. The i3 Tuner makes use of advanced software and Wi-Fi hotspots for easy updates on-the-go, all the while bestowing superb power boosts. Alternatively, the i3 Platinum Tuner allows the integration of custom-tuning and also includes performance oriented pre-loaded tunes for a custom setup that suits your driving style. On top of that, this third generation programmer directly and effortlessly installs to your vehicle's OBD-II port.

The Predator Tuner is a simple button-controlled tuner loaded with performance programs designed to add horsepower and improve fuel economy. It is able to configure various aspects of your vehicle such as tire size, gears, shifting, and more. The Predator comes in a 50-state emission compliant version and a CMR custom tune version.

The Trinity is a powerful tuner, monitor, and data-logger all rolled into one sleek package. The most advanced variant, the 9345 Trinity T2 EX Programmer features a fully customizable screen with a one-touch, easy menu navigation which guarantees data monitoring is effortless. The T2 EX Performance Programmers has been thoroughly tested to provide up to 100HP and 250 ft-lb torque on diesel applications or up to 90HP and 90 ft-lb torque on gas powered engines. Furthermore, the advantage of the Diablosport 9345 Trinity T2 EX Platinum to that of the regular T2 is that it allows users to upload CMR capable custom tunes.

Certifying a long lasting, top of the market quality, car enthusiasts can be sure that these programmers undergo thorough reviews from the company's top engineers before being released to the market. For the best prices of Diablosport Tuners in all of the United States, there's not a more reliable brand than Automotive Stuff. We are guaranteed to carry all the latest and sponsored products from Diablosport. On top of that, you'll never have to pay for customs or brokerage fees, for every item you purchase. If you have a question or two about our services or simply would like to learn more about the details of a certain Diablosport Tuner, please do try to contact and ask one of our representatives online for help.