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When it comes to the reliable protection of your vehicle from dirt, dust, UV rays and the elements, the Covercraft Brand carries an extensive line-up of interior and exterior covers to suit your needs. The company is especially regarded for manufacturing top quality custom fit car covers that are breathable, impact resistant, durable plus easy to fold and stow away. From soft fleece lining to denim to a triple layer nylon and polyethylene blend, these custom car covers are made from different high quality materials that emphasize on both comfort and security.

A more popular series in the company's collection is the Covercraft Weathershield HD Car Cover which can effectively safeguard your car from extremely heated climates. It has a specially formulated element resistant fabric which dries off moisture before it even gets to your vehicle's paint job. The Weathershield HD has special additives for superior UV resistance and they may be purchased in various colour configurations to suit different preferences.

The Covercraft Noah Series Covers are another excellent choice to protect your vehicle indoors or outdoors. Featuring a lightweight tri-layer Kimberly Clark Fabric, these covers feature an impact resistant polyethylene/nylon blend inner layer that is smooth on the paintjob while the central fabric layer constructively hinders water and dust from entering and subsequently allows moisture vapor to effortlessly escape. Finally, its exterior fabric is a combination of polypropylene and polyethylene that emphasizes on superb resilience and UV-resistance. Furthermore, the Noah Series is made available in different configurations so you're guaranteed a precise custom fit regardless if your drive a car, convertible or truck. To ensure your Covercraft Car Cover stays over your vehicle at all times even during strong windy conditions, customers are recommended to purchase and utilize the Covercraft Gust Guard.

Other protective solutions manufactured by Covercraft include seat covers, sunscreens, front end covers, dash covers, floor mats and even canine covers. As an authorized retailer, Automotive Stuff offers the lowest prices for all of Covercraft's Products. We are a brand established by car enthusiasts to improve the driving experience of car enthusiasts. We made certain that you won't find a better deal than ours in all of America as the price you see in our website is the exact price you pay. We certify a shipment service that is effortless, quick and free from any hidden fees. Elevate the security levels of your car, truck or SUV and guarantee an excellent look that lasts by installing a Covercraft Safety Cover today!