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Automotive Stuff offers the best selection of Corsa products on the market. Corsa is known for their quality Exhaust Systems, Air Intake Systems, Filters, and more.

Sport Exhaust Systems

The best upgrade to your stock exhaust system, the Corsa Sport Exhausts are very easy to install, offering a highly effective, bolt-on power boost for your ride. Now you can increase exhaust flow rate from 40% to the staggering 250% over stock! And, you get the high performance, throaty growl to set your ride apart from the crowd.

Extreme Exhaust Systems

Looking for the loudest roar and the most distinctive grow amplified across the entire gear range? The Extreme Exhaust Systems are your best choice. The Extreme Series use Corsa's patented Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) technology, providing a unique combination of race-inspired performance sound on acceleration and screams at high RPMs.

dB Performance Truck Exhaust Systems

Developed specifically for trucks and SUVs, the dB Performance Exhausts by Corsa feature polished T304 stainless steel tips, and straight through flow construction that drastically reduces back pressure. Delivering an aggressive growl with an easy bolt-on installation, the dB Performance Exhausts mean instant horsepower and torque improvements - street legal in 50 States!

Touring Exhaust Systems

The Touring Series offer a reserved but distinctive performance sound, more aggressive than stock on acceleration. Their optimized, straight-through design results in optimal exhaust flow and gains in horsepower and torque. Get your brand new Corsa Touring System if you're looking for a fast, bolt-on replacement that looks and sounds absolutely amazing!

Stainless Steel Downpipes

Made from premium stainless steel and designed for a hassle-free mounting on your specific rig (no welding required), Corsa's exhaust pipes are the smartest investment you can make of you're looking for increased power, torque, and the head-turning Corsa sound - all without breaking the bank.

Cold Air Intakes

The Cold Air Intakes are designed to reduce the amount of hot air entering the engine, upgrading HP and performance over stock. These bolt-on kits are application intake solutions designed for Corsa's popular exhaust systems. Developed for trucks, SUV's and Jeeps.

Each Corsa Performance System is built with precision and using only high quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods. Each system utilizes Corsa's patented RSC technology for mighty growl and significant power gains without affecting ride quality. Offering a large arsenal of vehicle specific exhaust systems, air intake kits, balance tubes, mufflers, tail pipes, and marine exhaust systems, every Corsa performance product is created to meet the highest industry standards of quality, safety, and reliability. All created with you, the driver, in mind.

If you still haven't tried Corsa's revolutionary systems you don't know what you're missing!