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Automotive Stuff offers the best selection of CARR products on the market. CARR is known for their quality Light Mounts, Running Boards & Nerf Bars, Trailer Hitches, and more.

CARR was founded in 1945, and for the past 7 decades it has become a true leader in manufacturing high quality aftermarket accessories.

CARR accessories are engineered for the perfect OEM fit. They will upgrade your vehicle and give it a unique personal style and appeal. The company's aluminum construction process is time-tested and guarantees its products; durability and high strength. CARR accessories can be found in almost every major warehouse in North America, making the brand a well-recognized name in the automotive industry.

If you're looking for top quality, innovative steps or Carr Light Bars for your vehicle, CARR is a brand worth considering. The company's hassle-free customer service and extensive product warranty makes them a top choice for auto enthusiasts. CARR products offer a fine balance between style, quality, and practical affordability. Automotive Stuff carries CARR's complete product line at the lowest prices in Canada. We are an authorized CARR retailer which means if you buy your new product from us, it will be with covered by the complete manufacturer warranty. And we will never ask you to pay any shipping, customs, duties, or border fees!

Why Choose CARR?

CARR has more than 6 decades of experience in engineering and manufacturing high quality aftermarket accessories, and are most well known for their durable and stylish CARR running boards and light bars. You can't go wrong with purchasing a CARR accessory for your car, truck, or RV! The company is a third-generation business which has never moved its focus away from product innovation, design, and great customer service.

CARR aluminum cast light bars and truck steps will give your vehicle the unique style it needs to stand out from the rest and turn everyone's heads as you drive by. The products; high quality and durable design makes them the practical choice.

CARR Products in Canada

Automotive Stuff is an authorized Canadian retailer of all CARR products. That means your new product will be covered by the complete protection of the manufacturer's warranty. We are a 100% Canadian owned and operated business. All of our customers enjoy free shipping on all orders and will never be asked to pay customs, duties, or border fees! Give us a call if you can't find the product you're looking for on our website. Even if a product is not listed on our site doesn't mean we don't have it stocked in our warehouse!