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Since coming into fruition in 1957, Auto Meter has designed and manufactured high quality automotive instrumentation for cars, trucks and SUVs. Regardless if it's for daily commutes or high stake competitions like drag racing, circle track and off-road racing, Auto Meter Gauges generate quick and precise readings on a stylish display for the easy monitoring of vehicle performance. These gauges effectively complement vehicle interiors as they are made available in a selection of over the top appearances.

Data Acquisition is Easier Than Ever with Auto Meter

Auto Meter generates their superior instruments to efficiently measure fundamental aspects such as vehicle temperature and pressure. The company integrates advanced modern technology and proven manufacturing techniques to produce top of the line innovations like fast responding tachometers, and superior LCD Competition data acquisition systems. Adding to that, AutoMeter also provides wiring kits, mounting components, and all the essential accessories needed to certify excellent gauge functionality. What's more, all of their products certify world class quality as they adhere to the ISO 9000:TS 16949 Quality System.

Auto Meter Resources to Get the Best out of your Product

Thoroughly engineered in their cutting edge facility at Sycamore, Illinois, Auto Meter continues to reinvent themselves as the years go by. Their engineers make it a point to develop gauges that adhere to today's high driving standards. Auto Meter Gauges are incorporated by the most renowned teams in prestigious competitions such as the NHRA, NASCAR, Baja 1000, and many more. Adding to that, even the off-shore marine racing enthusiast trusts in the inimitable quality of Auto Meter for the information needed to perform effectively.

Auto MeterGauges Provide Crucial Information to Benefit Your Vehicle

Auto Meter Gauges are meticulously built to generate values that are 100% accurate. Catering to the needs of different individuals, Auto Meter offers both individual gauges and complete gauge sets. From oil pressure gauges, water temperature gauges and boost gauges, the company makes certain that you're provided accurate information on various elements that affect vehicle performance. To efficiently suit different preferences, Autometer Gauges are available in electrical and mechanical variants.

Direct Fit and Universal Mounting Solutions by Auto Meter

Whether you're aiming to add a speedometer, a tachometer or even redesign your whole dashboard, Autometer offers a huge range of different designs and configurations to ensure a perfect fit to your specific needs and preferences. They feature universal and direct fit components so the whole process of mounting them is definitely going to be quick and effortless.

Testing Equipment by Auto Meter Leaves nothing to Chance

As a top name in the automotive industry for more than six decades, Auto Meter guarantees that their gauges are accurate and race efficient. The company has established a test equipment division which utilizes a large collection of high end equipment for the assessment, charging and maintenance of batteries, as well as for testing the vehicle charging system. The company has a 125,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Utah, where their OEM and Test Equipment divisions are designated. In order to ensure their gauges are highly reliable and efficient, Auto Meter only hires the most knowledgeable and vigilant engineers. Currently, Auto Meter has over 500 employees, who are all devoted to making certain both the everyday driver and performance enthusiast obtains a well designed and thoroughly tested product.