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AlphaRex is a highly-regarded designer and manufacturer of automotive aftermarket performance lighting solutions. The company's broad selection of state-of-the-art lighting parts includes full-LED headlights, halogen bulbs, LED tail lights, HID kits, and many others to ensure optimal visibility wherever you drive. With their exceptional patented full LED technology, AlphaRex's Nova-Series LED headlights changed the game when it comes to superb and reliable illumination. The Nova-Series Lights are what started AlphaRex's journey in becoming an elite brand in the automotive market. Over time, the company has continuously grown with no intentions of stopping in its goal of bringing you the most innovative and advanced lighting products that suit the needs of the time. The AlphaREX PRO-Series are yet another renowned option for superior illumination. They serve as dependable and effective yet cost-efficient headlights equipped with halogen bulbs that generate about 4300k stock white output.

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