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BMW 328I

Forty years ago the German automaker BMW started producing a line of compact executive cars, called "3 Series". It was manufactured in six generations. BMW 328i appeared for first time in the third generation – the BMW E46 Series. BMW 328i came to replace the 325i model. The 328i was introduced in 1996 and was equipped with M52B28 engine. It featured 106 inches wheelbase and FR layout. Four body styles were available: sedan, coupe, convertible, and wagon.

BMW 328i is also a model from the fifth generation 3 Series – the BMW E90 Series. The E90 Series was introduced in 2004. It includes models with four body styles: 2-door coupé (BMW E92), 2-door convertible (BMW E93), 4-door Saloon (BMW E90) and 5-door Touring (BMW E91). In this period, BMW 328i was provided with N52B30 172 kW (231 hp) engine.

BMW 328i is available in the newest, sixth generation as well – the BMW F30 Series. BMW released several models 328i – Touring, xDrive Sedan, Gran Turismo, and xDrive Touring. BMW 328i Touring and xDrive Sedan were introduced in 2012, while the Gran Turismo, and xDrive Touring were launched one year later. In comparison with the fifth generation, the new BMW 328i is larger, yet lighter. The 328i also features a new N20 turbocharged inline-four two liter engine.

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