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BMW 325I

BMW 325I

Forty years ago the German automaker BMW started producing a line of compact executive cars, called "3 Series". It was manufactured in six generations. BMW 325i is a model from the second generation 3 Series – the BMW E30 Series. The E30 Series was introduced in 1982. It includes models with four body styles: 2-door coupé, 2-door convertible, 4-door Saloon and 5-door Touring.

BMW 325i was introduced in 1985 as a new model, designed to replace the 323i. BMW 325i came with a 2.5 L 126 kW (169 hp) engine with Motronic fuel system. In 1987, this engine was improved, which resulted in superior fuel economy. The 325i vehicles were also provided with a standard Getrag 260 5-speed manual transmission and an optional sport automatic transmission.

In 1986, a new all-wheel drive version was released. It was called "BMW 325iX" and featured F4 layout. Another model, named "BMW 325iS" was launched on the South African market. It was provided with aluminum body panels and a 2.7L 145 kW (194 hp) engine. In late 1991, a new, race model was presented – "325iS Evo". The Evo was equipped with a more powerful engine, shorter stiffer springs, and thicker rear anti-roll bar. The throttle body, exhaust manifold and inlet valves were modified as well.

The "325i" nameplate also appeared in 2005 as a trim level in the E90 Series. This 325i version came with two 160 kW (215 hp) petrol engine options: N52B25O1 (for 2005 – 2007 models) and N53B30U0 (for 2007 – 2013 models). The 325i was offered with a saloon (E90), a coupé (E92) or a convertible (E93) body style.

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