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BMW 135I

In 2004, the famous German automaker BMW has introduced a new line of compact luxury cars, named "BMW 1 Series". The 1 Series was designed to replace the BMW Compact model and was manufactured in two generations. The first generation includes four body styles: E87 (five-door hatchback), E81 (three-door hatchback), E82 (two-door coupe), and E88 (two-door convertible). The second generation consists of five-door hatchback (F20) and three-door hatchback (F21).

BMW 135i is a part of the E87 series in the first generation and was released in 2004. Just like all BMW 1 Series models, the 135i is available with a rear-wheel drive chassis, a longitudinally-mounted engine and an aluminum multilink suspension. BMW 135i also featured 104.7 in wheelbase and was offered in coupe and convertible body styles. The first 135i cars were equipped with six-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with great fuel efficiency.

In 2007, BMW 135i was upgraded with a new N54 biturbo inline-6 engine and a standard 6-speed manual or an optional six-speed "Steptronic" automatic transmission. In 2011, another improvement was made – the 135i was equipped with N55 single (twin-scroll) turbo inline-6 engine that provides faster turbo responsiveness and consumes less fuel. An optional 7-speed dual-clutch transmission became available as well. BMW 135i is the first model in the world with differential that utilizes double-helical ball bearings. Plus, BMW 135i comes with adaptive xenon headlights, sport suspension settings, 18" wheels, high-performance brake system, and a new DSC program for better acceleration. However, the entire E87 series, including the 135i model, was discontinued in 2012 and replaced by BMW F21.

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