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BD Diesel Duramax Transmission

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When stock transmissions are unreliable in dealing with high performances and demanding conditions, that's the time the BD Diesel Duramax Transmission steps in. The first rendition of this component showed the industry that an automatic transmission is capable of operating under the demands of exhaust braking and diesel engine torque. Now, BD Diesel has made significant adjustments in the design to produce a quality that efficiently handles even higher levels of horsepower and torque. The main line oil pressure is suitably increased to boost the clamping force on the clutch packs. Improved trim solenoids, upgraded pressure regulator and revised oil circuitry further emphasize an exceptional transmission that greatly surpasses the power-handling capacity of stock variants.

The heavy-duty aluminium transmission pan constructively increases oil capacity up to 3.5 quarts while reducing case flex and internal oil leakage. This transmission features a new converter lock up valve which productively enhances lock-up pressure. Other features include modified power pistons, hydraulics and separator plate. Installation is hassle-free as a detailed instruction manual is provided in the package.


  • Guaranteed BD Quality
  • Crafted from highest quality material
  • Built by knowledgeable BD Staff

An illustrious manufacturer and distributor of superior diesel performance parts, BD Diesel's road to becoming an industry leader began in 1972. It was later in 1989 that the company engineered the first exhaust brake for diesel pick-up trucks and attained the automotive industry's full attention. Since then, they have consistently set standards through designs that emphasize on maximizing vehicle functionality without compromising drivability.

Their turbocharger assemblies ensure a superior race performance as they are designed with an improved pressure ratio and better surge control which generates exceptional power gains. BD Diesel has electronically controlled fuel injectors and fuel pumps to constructively boost engine functionality. Other innovations of the company include high quality injection systems, electronic circuits, air intake components and intercoolers.

BD Diesel is currently headquartered in Abbotsford, British Colombia, Canada where all their products are developed and meticulously tested. The company is divided into special divisions, ensuring the proper focus is granted to all their innovations. With the most innovative of today's technologies and the most experienced engineers, BD Diesel is guaranteed to continuously adapt to modern times in order to produce the most efficient solutions for your performance needs.


  • Guaranteed BD Quality
  • Crafted from highest quality material
  • Built by knowledgeable BD Staff


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