Optimize Your Truck Bed and Safeguard Your Equipment With Truxedo Tonneau Covers

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For pickup truck drivers, the truck bed plays a fundamental role in letting you transport equipment and ensure a roomy interior. Tonneau covers are engineered as a highly-efficient and effortless means to safeguard your belongings from harsh driving and weather conditions. One of the most renowned manufacturers of tonneau covers is Truxedo. Truxedo’s covers not only prevent your things from getting stolen but also add a touch of inimitable style and are incredibly resilient. Truxedo Tonneau Covers are easy to install to your truck and generate a low profile appearance while boosting fuel mileage. Like any top-level tonneau cover, the ones by Truxedo effortlessly provide full truck bed access so users can quickly access their belongings.

Truxedo Tonneau Covers are regarded as a high-quality exterior upgrade for both modern and classic vehicle models. Regarding where they are made, Truxedo Tonneau Covers are carefully manufactured in the USA. From the premium Pro X15 to the awesome Sentry CT to the prestigious Lo Pro, the tonneau covers are meticulously designed and assessed by top engineers. The Truxedo Brand was established in South Dakota in 2000 and today is currently based in Yankton, South Dakota.

How to Properly Install a Truxedo Tonneau Cover

So you’ve decided to purchase a Truxedo Tonneau Cover for your pickup truck. That’s a great investment that’s sure to exceed expectations. There are a few things to consider, though, before having one shipped to your location. Initially, you need to consider what kind of truck bed and cab you have. There are four variants which include side step, regular cab, extended cab, and four-door crew cab. To create the perfect fit, the dimensions of your truck bed need to be properly measured. So what is the procedure on how to properly measure your truck bed for the installation of a Truxedo Tonneau Cover? Users simply make use of a tape measure to acquire the measurements between the inside of the bulkhead to the inside of the tailgate.

Your truck bed can suitably accommodate a particular cover if you get a measurement that is within a two-inch difference. A special kind of tonneau cover would be needed if you have a flare side or step side, which is a step integrated at the side of the truck, as the width of the truck bed needs to be taken into account. As a progressive company, Truxedo has considered just about every popular truck model when manufacturing their tonneau covers. They are exceptionally easy to mount as users only need basic tools and the comprehensive instruction manual provided in every purchase. With that in mind, we’ll be guiding you in this article on how to install a Truxedo Tonneau Cover, more specifically, the Truxedo Lo Pro Truck Bed Cover.

Installing the Truxedo Lo Pro Tonneau Cover

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The Truxedo Lo Pro Cover comes pre-assembled and ready for installation. The package includes two side rails, the cover assembly, and fundamental hardware. Using the provided clamps, attach the side rails onto the inside lip of the truck bed. Make sure that the rails are appropriately leveled when mounted. Users can adjust the rails by loosening the integrated screws and moving the rails higher or lower. Positioning the clamps higher at the beginning before lowering them as necessary is the ideal process on how to level Truxedo Rails. Place the cover assembly on the rails behind the cab and then slide the header guides on to the side rails. Unroll the cover toward the tailgate and then rotate the rear header onto the header stops. Press down to firmly secure the rear header before pulling the cover fabric over the rails to the Velcro fastening system.

An essential step in proper installation is to set the appropriate tension for the cover. With the cover fully closed, release the Velcro on both side rails near the cab. You’ll need to check the compression of both spring plungers against the front header. Make use of a flathead screwdriver to open the cover and perform the necessary adjustments. Once done, close the cover and double-check if an acceptable tension is produced. If not, repeat this process. With Truxedo’s Automatic Tension Control, tension adjustment needs to be done only once.

A resilient and versatile truck cover, the Low Pro may be suitably rolled up to accommodate larger equipment on the truck bed. If you require full access to the truck bed, simply unfasten the tailgate and utilize an integrated trigger to unlock the latch on the driver’s side. Roll the rear header back towards the cap and make use of two self-adjusting security straps to fasten the rolled cover at the front of the bed. Over time, these straps may get damaged or worn down. Not to worry though, as Truxedo has offers the appropriate replacement part for your convenience. So what is the process on how to replace damaged Truxedo safety straps? It’s a fairly simple process. One simply just removes the spring-loaded header guide at the front of the truck bed where the tonneau cover is secured. Detach the end cap before sliding out the header guide and the old strap. You should now integrate the new replacement strap before repositioning the header guide and the end cap.

Make Use of the Truxedo Pro-Tex Cover Cleaner

When it comes to how to clean a Truxedo Tonneau Cover and ensure it maintains its sleek appearance, Truxedo offers its highly-effective and convenient Pro-Tex Cover Cleaner to get the job done. This cleaner incorporates a non-toxic, water-based, and UV-protected formula. How to use the Truxedo Pro-Tex Cleaner for cleaning and conditioning is an effortless and straightforward procedure. Spray a suitable amount from the cleaner to your cover so every portion is coated before thoroughly scrubbing the cover. Dry the cover before spraying for the second time. For the final step, utilize a microfiber cloth to fully wipe the tonneau cover. Following a cleaning routine with regards to how often the cover is used is fundamental in keeping it looking brand new.

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