How does a car suspension work and where is the suspension on a car?

One of the most important system on your car, truck or SUV is the suspension system. It is located between the frame and the wheels and serves several important functions. It comprises of a series of springs and dampers, each of which ensures that the tires are always in full contact with the road. The suspension is thus responsible for vehicle control and handling, giving you a smooth ride over all types of terrain.

Most suspension systems include shock absorbers, springs, and struts, which work in unison to maximize the friction between the tires and the road while providing safety and comfort for the passengers.

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Main Suspension Parts:

coil springs

I. Springs

There are three types of springs used on suspension systems: leaf springs, coil springs and torsion bars. Compression coil springs are the most common type of springs used in modern cars. The oldest type of springs are leaf springs, which originated in good old England, back in 1750 when they were used on carriages. Today, most older cars and four-wheel drive applications use a leaf springs setup, where layers of arc-shaped springs of steel springs are directly connected to the axle to absorb the weight.

II. Shock Absorbers

Shocks, a.k.a. “dampers”, are a critical part for safety. A shock absorber is installed between the car body and the tires creating a damping force against the road, reducing body roll uncontrollable bouncing of the wheels up and down.

At the heart of a shock is a piston filled with oil separating the chassis from the wheel. Upon contact of the tire with a bump, the piston pushes into the shock casing and absorbs the force by the oil, which in turn flows into a dedicated chamber where it is immediately compressed.

shock absorbers

Types of shock absorbers

Auto shock absorbers are classified according to internal construction:

  • Monotube shocks
  • Twin tube shocks

Mono-tube shocks

The standard type of shock on the market, mono-tube shocks by default are high-pressure gas dampers utilizing a single pressure tube with two pistons inside it. They can be mounted upside down, allowing for greater flexibility over their twin-tube counterparts. The main advantage of mono-tube shocks is that they operate relatively cooler as they keep the working tube exposed to air flow.

Twin-tube shocks

Twin tube shocks are further classified according to damping design:

  • Gas charged
  • PSD (position sensitive damping)
  • ASD (acceleration sensitive damping)

Twin-tube gas-charged absorbers improve handling while reducing body roll and sway. Gas charged shocks are also engineered with reduced fade in mind, significantly minimizing aeration and loss of performance.

Twin tube PSD shock absorbers use precision tapered grooves inside the pressure tube, taking into account the position of the valve within the tube, which ultimately ensures better handling and maximum driving comfort. Every PSD shock is individually tuned for length and depth so as to give drivers more options when it comes to adjusting their ride characteristics according to individual needs and driving conditions.

Twin-tube ASD shocks, also known as reflex shocks, feature automatically adjustable valves that adapts to changing road conditions, in order to ensure enhanced control without sacrificing ride comfort. ASD shock technology is an innovative approach to shock engineering as it improves on velocity sensitive damping.

How to find the best suspension kits for your car
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