Popular Dorman Products

Dorman is known to be the leading supplier of original equipment dealer of automotive and heavy duty replacement parts, automotive hardware, brake parts, and fasteners to the automotive and heavy vehicle aftermarkets. Beginning in 1918, the company has been providing thousands of new products each year to its customers and end-users. Dorman also attributes a big part of their success to their Contributors, who are responsible for creating quality products that fuel the success of the company.

Dorman has thousands of products that it can offer customers. But among the thousands of available products, there are several that are considered as the most popular that the company has to offer.

Popular Dorman Auto Parts & Products - CV Joint Boots

One of Dorman's popular products and parts is the CV Joint Boots with the part number 614 632. The product is designed to allow vehicle owners to replace the CV joints without the need to remove it first.

It's made of a material called Polyurethane, which is a polymer compound that is composed of organic units that are joined by carbamate links. They're usually used to manufacture high-resilience foam seating. With the CV Joint Boots, owners will be able to save money and time when they need to replace the CV joints. The other benefits that the CV Joint Boots provide include the following:

  • Save labor with easy installation methods
  • Comes with grease and bands
  • Rugged silicone or neoprene materials offer a high resistance to cracking, rotting and leaking
  • The Speedi and Quick Boot are installed without special tools

Popular Dorman Auto Parts & Products - Radiator Fan Assembly

Another popular product of Dorman is the Radiator Fan Assembly with part number 620-010. It provides optimal flow to help better cool the engine and prevent it from overheating. The electric fan is also a direct fit, which provides owners with a proper replacement fit for their vehicle. Best of all, the electric fan is designed in a way that it will be easier for owners to install it in their vehicles.

Dorman's radiator fan assembly comes ready to install that's complete with shroud, motor, and fan. This will save vehicle owners some of the cost of labor when it comes to installation. Here are more benefits that the Dorman's electric fan has:

  • Optimal air flow prevents the vehicle from overheating
  • Plug and Play jumper harnesses included (where applicable)
  • Direct replacement for a proper fit every time
  • All motors are tested prior to final packaging of the fan assembly

Popular Dorman Auto Parts & Products - Exhaust Manifold Kit

The Dorman Exhaust Manifold Kit with part number 674 196 provides vehicle owners with everything they need to replace their exhaust manifold. The kit includes the downpipe hardware and gaskets to make it easier for drivers to install the manifold.

The kit could also include a heat-shield to protect the engine components and is made using either cast iron or stainless tubular to provide protection against cracking or warping, ensuring that their kit is durable. More of the benefits that the Dorman Exhaust Manifold provides are as follows:

  • Heat-shield may be included for protection of engine components where applicable
  • Cast iron or stainless tubular construction protects against warping or cracking
  • Leak-resistant for long-lasting performance
  • A rigorous quality inspection has been undertaken to ensure product standards

Popular Dorman Auto Parts & Products - Intake Manifold Runner Control Valve

Now vehicle owners won't need to replace the entire Intake Manifold when the valve malfunctions, as Dorman already has a replacement part available, the Intake Manifold Runner Control Valve with part number 911 506. The replacement part can return the function of the Intake Manifold back to its correct operation and make the vehicle start and run properly again.

The valve can restore the efficiency of the fuel and eliminate the stuttering, restoring the driver's confidence in their Intake manifold. It's also a direct replacement part, meaning it will feat seamlessly. Here are the Intake Manifold Runner Control Valve's complete benefits:

  • Replacement returns vehicle to proper operation
  • Direct replacement for a proper fit every time
  • Durable construction for a long service life
  • Easy to install

Popular Dorman Auto Parts & Products - Transmission Fluid Dipstick

Another popular product from Dorman is the Transmission Fluid Dipstick with part number 917 327. The dipstick was re-engineered by Dorman to make it more effective. The company has addressed all the common flaws identified in the design to make it work properly when installed in the vehicle.

The transmission fluid dipstick also has a handle that's constructed from tough plastic to make it long-lasting and won't just separate from the rod. The dipstick also has clear marks on the rod to allow people easily read the oil levels of their vehicle, making it easy for the routine oil checks. The Dorman Transmission Fluid Dipstick also features other benefits to vehicle owners, and here they are:

  • Enables vehicle owner to maintain and monitor transmission fluid level (where applicable)
  • O-ring seals the top of the dipstick, prohibiting contaminants from escaping into the engine oil bay
  • Direct replacement for a proper fit
  • A brightly-colored handle makes the dipstick easy to locate under the hood

Popular Dorman Auto Parts & Products - Light Bulb Sockets

Vehicle owners no longer need to purchase an entire tail light whenever they need to replace the socket, as one of Dorman's other popular product is the Tail Lamp Sockets with part number 923-034. The light bulb sockets are a great replacement part that can help owners save money when the socket of their tail lamp is broken.

The light bulb socket restores the tail lamp to operate efficiently once again and is a direct replacement, which allows it to fit seamlessly without any problems. The socket is also easy to install, making it easier for vehicle owners to replace their broken light bulb socket. Here are more of Dorman Tail Lamp Socket's benefits:

  • An immediate, "must-fix" item--replacement helps you pass state inspection, and avoid tickets and fines
  • Easy installation--Simply plug in the replacement
  • Direct replacement for a proper fit every time
  • Vehicle try-on testing has been conducted on this part to ensure trouble-free installation and performance

Popular Dorman Auto Parts & Products - Ignition Key Lock Cylinders

Another popular product from Dorman is the Ignition Key Lock Cylinder with part number 924 703. It is a direct replacement, which makes it easier for owners to install the cylinder, which is an important part of the Ignition Lock Assembly. The cylinders usually require replacement due to the wear and tear caused by the constant rotation of the key ignition.

The Ignition Key Lock Cylinder gives owners an added layer of security for their Ignition Lock Assembly. A coded metal key is required in order for the ignition to rotate and allow the vehicle to start. Once this is broken, the owners will have a hard time starting their vehicle with the coded key that they have. The Dorman Ignition Key Lock Cylinders features a lot of good benefit for drivers, and here they are:

  • Direct replacement and operation
  • Comes coded and assembled with key
  • Includes easy to follow instructions with no need for any specialized tools or equipment
  • Quality tested to ensure a trouble-free installation and conformance to product standards

Dorman offers great quality products for a variety of vehicles. The ones mentioned above are just some of the most popular and in-demand parts that the company has.