Optimizing Your Vehicle’s Drivability Through Coilovers

Coilovers are one of the most essential innovations manufactured to certify a vehicle’s amazing driving performance and enhanced safety. Apart from elevated security levels and better drivability, coilovers are a proven way to give your car, truck, or SUV a new attitude while making it more enjoyable to drive. In this article, we’ll answer the fundamental questions regarding coilovers, such as how important are coilovers, how do coilovers work, and how long do coilovers typically last?

Of course, the first issue we need to tackle is what exactly are coilovers? The term coilover, which actually stands for “coil spring over strut,” includes a custom shock absorber and an adjustable spring. The quick answer to what coilovers do is that they bring forth better vehicle handling and a more aggressive stance by allowing the precise tuning of a vehicle’s suspension. They are used to lower your car's center of gravity to minimize weight transfer when turning.

skunk2 coilover

Coilovers come in a variety of styles and configurations. All of them utilize coil springs designated on top of spring perches that constructively support the weight of a vehicle. They appropriately compress and retract with regard to the load of your vehicle. With the coil spring mounted at the top of the strut, the compression of the spring, the strut, or both let the wheel move upward toward the car body. Coilovers often come pre-assembled and ready to be bolted on to your engine.

The springs often integrate a heavy-duty steel construction and they come in various spring rates to suit the coilover’s dampers and different applications. Coilovers are especially effective during racing. Because they assist in balancing weight transfers at all four corners, they allow maximum traction to the road for improved control. For everyday drivers, they are also beneficial in helping your vehicle accommodate different road conditions. Adding to that, if you feel your vehicle height is too high or low, coilovers allow you to easily modify it to a desired height.

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits and functionality of a coilover, it’s time to dive deeper into how a coilover operates. In order for the vehicle’s wheel to move more efficiently in a coilover setup, both the spring and the shock must compress. The spring is what bears the full load while the damper is the part of the coilover that productively absorbs shock. Thanks to the damper, bumps and vibrations from different road surfaces are considerably decreased. Most coilovers are integrated with dampers that have adjustable compression and rebound characteristics which make certain the vehicle’s wheels remain in constant contact with the road. The damper appropriately spins the spring perch which is an adjustable metal ring threaded to the body to allow easy height adjustment. By moving the spring higher or lower, users can efficiently achieve their desired ride height.

With regards as to how long a coilover lasts, it greatly depends on usage type and driving style. Coilovers used in racing are almost certain to take more abuse than the ones utilized for daily driving. In most cases though, they should last as long as OEM shocks are rated for. Of course, not all coilovers are built the same. Some of them are visibly more expensive than others while some are unbelievably affordable. As one of the most essential suspension components for more secure driving, users need to be careful when it comes to selecting their coilovers. More expensive ones tend to be more dependable, but a high price doesn’t always guarantee the best handling improvements. Cheaper ones are typically built with lower quality materials and they may provide a reputable service, but more often than not, they won’t last a long time.

We should consider the fact that road hazards can appear randomly so it pays to make certain the coilovers you employ carry the latest technology and are manufactured by a trusted brand since safety and performance go hand in hand when it comes to upgrading your engine’s functionality. For proven and efficient coilovers, Automotive Stuff is the place to look. We offer exceptional quality at low costs along with quick shipping. If you’re having trouble looking for the ideal coilover for your year and model, we’ll be more than happy to help you. Simply dial our hotline or send us an email and we’ll make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck.