Mini Van Floor Mats

Mini Van Floor Mats

If you have a family, investing in a minivan was probably one of the smartest moves that you've ever made. A minivan has enough room to pack in all the lifestyle comforts for the kids and even sporting equipment for their extracurricular activities. A minivan is also much easier to maneuver than a standard cargo van. Compared to cars or SUVs, mini-vans offer more than just seating room but can be transformed into cargo vans with maximum storage space a lot easier. A mini-van is also more fuel-efficient than a full-sized van and can be parked a lot easier. In addition, most minivans have backup camera technology and also other blind-spot safety monitors that make them a lot easier to drive. Let's consider what you can do to protect your investment by upgrading your floor mats.

Minivan Floor Mats

When it comes to minivans, a set of high-quality floor mats can make a huge difference in how well the vehicle holds up over time. Imagine all the places where your kids pick up mud and other debris on their feet. They can track in snow during the winter and even spill drinks on the floors during the summer. Add high-quality mini-van floor mats to keep the vehicle’s interiors clean and give yourself peace of mind. Replacing the factory carpets is expensive and may not be so easy as your minivan ages. Quality rugs that have the same kind of fit and padding have to be installed correctly to settle and are not very common in the aftermarket. Take care because the dealer can discontinue replacement carpeting at any time.

Rubber Floormats

If you drive a minivan, rubber floor mats are probably your best choice. These all-weather floor mats are designed to repel water and stop it from penetrating deep into the carpet fibers and padding. To guarantee an accurate fit, the best car floor mats are laser measured and then custom cut using computer-controlled equipment. All-Weather Rubber Mats typically feature deeply crafted channels that capture and prevent water, debris, mud, and snow from reaching your carpet. These floor mats overcome the toughest weather conditions as they are built to never curl or crack even in sub-zero weather. You can purchase them at most auto stores and have the measurements taken on the spot. In most cases, the new floor mats will arrive that same day. If the floor mat is full enough that it effectively acts as a liner, you will be able to quickly mop off spills and sweep up crumbs.

Floor liners are often used in cargo vans but may also be available for fuller coverage in your mini-van. When you look at the all-weather floor mats for cars, those with the fullest coverage offer the best protection without completely lining the entire floor below the seats and all. The same principle is true with minivans. The shape of rubber floor mats is designed to act as a basin that holds and contains any liquid spills. They are measured and designed to provide exactly enough coverage for the common tread areas without any need to extend under the seating.

Arguably the most popular option for both cars and mini-vans, all-weather rubber floor mats are highly-versatile upgrades for keeping the carpet and interior clean all year long. The first two names that often come to mind when talking about all-weather floor mats for cars, SUVs, and mini-vans are Weathertech and Husky Liners. The Weathertech All-Weather Floor Mats feature a flexible advanced rubber-like Thermoplastic Elastomer compound, anti-skid ridges, and an easy-to-wash blueprint to add the best possible protection for your vehicle's carpet. Weathertech also offers cargo liners that integrate a wear-resistant proprietary custom blended TPE and a raised lip to add complete cargo area protection and keep detrimental components off the vehicle’s interior. Husky Liners is also an exceptional brand for the all-weather efficiency of a car, truck, or mini-van’s interiors. Their WeatherBeater Mats are designed with the patented FormFit and FormEdge Blueprint to produce a precise fit to your vehicle’s interior contours. These all-weather conquering rubber floor mats bestow unrelenting carpet protection for whatever harsh weather conditions or unpredictable environments you encounter.

Standard Floormats

Although standard floor mats are better than nothing at all, they have a habit of jumping out of place and crinkling up. Standard carpet floor mats help in completing the interior look and are produced by auto-manufacturers to provide the most basic coverage. While they may look nice in a car showroom, the price paid by users is that they don't hold up to the real wear and tear that a family mini-van takes once you bring it home.

Sheepskin rugs may even be better because they'd at least provide a more durable weather proof skin and could be easily thrown in the washing machine when they get dirty. Nevertheless, you are not going to find too many vans or cars driving around with sheepskin rugs. And while some standard floormats are designed better than others, most drivers want an upgrade. After all, the car manufacturer has an incentive to skimp on the smaller yet similarly important protections. When your car starts looking stained and dirty, you will be a lot more open to trading it in and buying the latest model.

Standard floor mats also have a big disadvantage because the carpet absorbs moisture and can grow mold and mildew. Having stinky rugs is very common. If your car starts to smell like the gym locker room of the varsity football league, you can bet that the carpets and lack of adequate floor mats are the primary cause. While using an enzyme-based deodorizer like Febreze can help to eliminate the odors, the smell will keep coming back and setting in deeper and deeper.

Some drivers use baking soda to deodorize their car interiors before they vacuum. Carpet cleaners can be used for the same purpose. In most cases, drivers have dirty interiors because they failed to protect their interiors with rubber custom-fit floor mats. Their only solution is to get professional steam cleaning that may work well to restore it for a few days or weeks before it is soiled up again.

How to Decide on the Right Floor mats

When it comes to shopping for those perfect floor mats, you have a lot of options. As a general rule, the thicker the rubber and the better the coverage, the longer they will hold up. However, it is all about customization. A floor mat that doesn't fit quite right is effectively useless. If it does not provide full coverage, it is also pretty useless because you'll simply have a clean spot in the middle and lots of grime and gunk tracking its way underneath it along the seams.

You should always ensure that your floor mats are designed specifically for your vehicle. There is no other way to get that leather glove fit. The floor mats have to sit snug and must be easy to clean up if they get dirty. Of course, the obligation is on you to clean up the dirt and material that gets tracked in as frequently as possible. If not, it will still wind up working its way under the seats and can ruin the carpet. This is especially true on lighter carpets. Lastly, the price is one other factor to consider. Whether you’re all right paying a bigger price for the more prestigious options depends on your budget. However, a more expensive price doesn’t always mean better quality so it’s best to do your research or ask questions from the experts first before you add the selected mats to your cart.


Protecting your mini-van with quality interior floor mats is an upgrade that pays for itself. Eventually, you will resell or trade-in that vehicle. If you want to avoid the bills of steam carpet cleaning and would like to maintain an easy-to-clean interior throughout the life of ownership, custom-fit rubber floor mats are your best bet. These all-weather floor mats are the ideal option for the optimized protection of your car or minivan during every season of the year. If the price to add an all-weather floor mat doesn’t fit your budget, standard rugs are better than nothing and can be upgraded to provide an increased level of protection for a more economical price. The ultimate choice on what to fit in your car or mini-van is yours and a decision based upon your lifestyle and the local environment.

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