Hypertech stands out in the aftermarket part industry because the core product that the company offers is knowledge. The company is able to tune the computers that control important functions in a vehicle. This makes Hypertech the technology leader in tuning high-performance computer-controlled vehicles. The company does this by investing in its people instead of machinery. Hypertech has a staff of technicians and engineers who are well-versed in different disciplines, allowing them to come up with state-of-the-art parts and programs that can enhance the performance of vehicles.

The expertise of Hypertech's programmers and engineers can be seen in the parts and products that the company offers in the market. Hypertech also does its best to keep itself updated with the latest advancements in technology and use this knowledge to develop power tuning products that can further maximize what these electronic controls can do.

Hypertech: Programmers and other Performance Items - Max Energy Power Programmer

One of the products that showcase Hypertech's leadership when it comes to technology in high-performing engine tuning is the Max Energy Power Programmer with the part number 32501. The power programmer is designed to maximize the performance of the vehicle, giving it more power, especially during wide-open throttle.

Hypertech's engineers optimize the spark and fuel curves point by point over the entire rpm band, which results in an increase in efficiency in the engine, and therefore increased torque and horsepower. But it is not only gaining in power that the Max Energy Power Programmer provides vehicle owners, but also fuel efficiency.

The power programmer also optimizes transmission functions, which results in less fuel consumption when accelerating and maintaining cruising speeds without the need for the torque converter to unlock and for the transmission to downshift to a lower gear.

Hypertech: Programmers and other Performance Items - Speedometer Calibrator

Another great product from Hypertech that showcases its leadership in the technology of aftermarket parts is the Speedometer Calibrator. It is designed to allow owners to reprogram their vehicles for a correct reading of the speedometer and odometer. The calibrator is also able to correct the part-throttle shifting.

Upgrading a vehicle with new tires that are either bigger or smaller than the original equipped tires will greatly affect the speedometer and odometer readings. The same goes for a ring and pinion gear set with a different gear ratio. The speedometer and odometer of tires up to 54 inches, as well as non-stock gear rations, can be corrected with Hypertech's Speedometer Calibrator.

The great thing about the calibrator is that Hypertech engineered it in a way that allows vehicle owners to have the functions of a speedometer recalibration together with other tuning features without the added cost or expense. The Speedometer Calibrator comes with a USB cable and a CD that contains software to allow vehicle owners to quickly update and upgrade the calibrator using the internet.

The calibrator is also easy to install. Owners just need to plug the Speedometer Calibrator into the under-dash connector, select the new tire height or new gear ration and the vehicle's computer will do the rest for an accurate reading.

Hypertech Parts

Hypertech prides itself in providing state-of-the-art technology to the parts that it creates for vehicles. It is evident in the Max Energy Power Programmer and the Speedometer Calibrator, both of which showcase the brilliance of the company's engineers and technicians in incorporating technology into the parts that they make.

The parts also show that Hypertech values its customers, investing heavily in its staff to ensure that the parts they come out with are something that will provide value to the people who buy it. So, if you're looking for great parts that use the latest and most useful technology to enhance the performance and power of a vehicle, then the parts made by Hypertech is what you need to have for your vehicle.