Fox Shox

When you’re doing extreme sports or even when you’re just going on an off-road adventure, you need to have the best brands and accessories in your vehicle. They help enhance your performance, your ride, and the control that you have in your vehicle.

One of the leading manufacturers in the industry is Fox Shox. The brand is also known as Fox Racing Shox because they produce suspension products for mountain bikes, motorcycles, off-road cars, UTVs, ATVs, trucks, snowmobiles, and SUVs. This company takes their craft seriously and assures customers that they are in good hands by putting their products into rigorous tests with athletes.

Whether you’re an athlete or not, you’ll be amazed by the quality of Fox Shox products. This brand is reputable and already has long years of experience which is why a lot of riders trust them.

Where to Buy Fox Shox for Your Vehicle

While Fox Shox’s factory is located in Watsonville, California, their products are distributed to various parts of the world by their accredited distributors.

You can take a look at the list of online and offline stores that offer authentic Fox Shox products. A reliable option is, which offers quality, licensed products at affordable costs, making life easy for you!

Who Makes Fox Shox?

The maker of the Fox Shox products is Fox Factory. This company has been making shock absorbers and suspensions for decades now. They are popular for making technologies that make great victories in off-road racing. There are a lot of professional teams behind FOX and each of them makes sure that every vehicle, athlete, and even ordinary customers will be getting products that pass their highest standards.

How much Are Fox Shox?

Fox Shox are high-quality products. This brand is trusted not just by ordinary riders but also by athletes. That’s why you should expect that these products are not the cheapest in the market. However, if you are someone who knows that having high-quality suspensions and shock absorbers are more important than saving a few bucks on cheaply made products, then you will know that Fox Shox offers a good value for your money.