The Flowmaster Exhaust System

Buying an aftermarket exhaust system can boost your car’s performance. This is why a lot of car owners are turning to reputable brands like Flowmaster to upgrade their vehicle’s horsepower and get the sound that they want. A member of the Holley brand, very few brands come close to the innovative designs of Flowmaster. Performance enthusiasts have relied on integrating a Flowmaster System on their ride to unlock its full potential. So, what does a Flowmaster System do? To put it simply, Flowmaster’s Exhaust Systems are top-of-the-line aftermarket upgrades highly renowned for significantly boosting performance and feature the patented Flowmaster Sound which is viewed by many as a perfect fit for today’s car, truck, or SUV models.

Flowmaster Exhausts accommodate just about any driving personality whether you’re into drag racing, sports car racing, or off-road racing. Flowmaster offers different types of exhaust systems such as axle-back, cat-back, and header-back systems. Each one of Flowmaster’s Exhaust Products features a thoroughly made blueprint that integrates cutting-edge technology to precisely fit the needs of their customers. You can choose from a variety of sounds, sizes, and models. This article would help you answer the questions that you might have about the quality of mufflers that Flowmaster offers.

The Sound of Your Exhaust

If you are thinking of a way to enhance your vehicle, then an aftermarket exhaust is one of the first things that you must consider. The very best exhaust systems will boost horsepower and torque levels as well as leave your ride sounding outstandingly aggressive and drone-free. However, exhaust systems are often not even close to cheap in price so before purchasing one, you must make sure that you are aware of the following points:

  • Choose a model that has better quality than your stock exhaust or your previous system.
  • Compared to compression-bent tubes, a mandrel-bent variant would give you a more efficient flow since they have a smooth structure.
  • The exhaust should be stable when installed to avoid damaging other parts of your car.
  • It’s important to remember that the bigger your muffler is, the quieter the tone that you’ll get.
  • Flowmaster has a unique chambered design for their products so that they can deliver the best sound quality. The chambers eliminate obnoxious noise and promote a bolder exhaust tone. Whether you’re driving a race car or a family SUV, this brand has a system that would fit your vehicle and your preferences.
  • Extremely loud mufflers are not recommendable for daily drivers.
  • Flowmaster’s exhaust series can offer you a range of muffler sounds, from mild to aggressive.

Understanding How They Work

Unlike other brands, Flowmaster’s tech experts opt to use a chamber-style design for their mufflers. Instead of baffles that are used in acoustical packings, Flowmaster Mufflers have metal plates that separate the sound waves. This structure enables you to hear a consistent exhaust sound from your muffler, even from the first time that you start your car. The chambers reliably cancel out obnoxious exhaust noise and promote a drone-free ride quality.

As an internationally acclaimed company, Flowmaster has produced a large selection of muffler variants that produce different exhaust sounds. The various Flowmaster Sounds post a different personality when installed in a vehicle. When it comes to what a proper Flowmaster System is for your ride, it would depend on your preference and what application it is to be utilized for. If you can, it’s best to look for sound tests online of different Flowmaster Series Mufflers so that you’d be able to evaluate which ones closely suit your needs. You can find and view exhaust sound clips and performance tests of Flowmaster Mufflers on popular video-sharing platforms like YouTube.

Looking for The Loudest Flowmaster

Flowmaster has different series of mufflers that you can choose from such as the 70 Series Big Block, the 50 Series Delta Flow, Super 44, Super 40, and Super 10. But out of all the Flowmaster series, the Super 10 Series is viewed to have the loudest tone. The way your vehicle sounds plays a pivotal role in letting the competition know you mean business. If you’re looking for an aggressive tone that you can use in the race track, the Super 10 is the series that you’re going to want to purchase. It should also be noted that the majority of state laws are against the usage of loud exhaust sounds on street locations. To give you an idea of what awaits you, here are the various Flowmaster Super 10 Series models and their features.

  • Flowmaster 843016 Super 10 Outlet Muffler

This Super 10 Outlet Model is one of the loudest products Flowmaster ever released. In fact, Flowmaster doesn’t recommend you use them on the streets because its unrelenting exhaust sound might not be viewed as legal in some cities and locations. If you don’t want to make the neighbors in your location mad, you’re going to want to keep these mufflers on the race tracks or highways. These mufflers only have a single chamber that allows the exhaust sound to be louder and more aggressive. As for the durability, the Flowmaster mufflers are made in the USA with heavy-grade material so there’s no doubt that these exhaust products would last you a long time.

  • Flowmaster 8425154 Super 10 Series Muffler

This next Flowmaster product is so closely similar to the previous model. The Super 10 Series also has an aggressive sound and a simple chamber but has two outlets. This feature results in louder and higher sound quality. The Super 10 Series Model is engineered to produce a universal fit so you won’t have any difficulty installing it on your vehicle.

  • Flowmaster 842512 Super 10 Series Outlet Muffler

Another powerful and aggressive Flowmaster model is this Super 10 Series Outlet Muffler that comes with factory hangers. This Flowmaster Muffler also has a single chamber like the previous models so you’ll get the same amazing results.

  • Flowmaster 8425152 Super 10 Muffler 409S

This 4th Flowmaster Super 10 Muffler has a 2.25-inch outlet diameter that allows it to compress the sound before it leaves the system. For anyone who wants to leave the competition viewing the back of their ride in style, the Super 10 Model produces a deeper, louder, and more beautiful tone that race drivers would love. However, take note that this racing-appropriate item doesn’t come with a factory hanger.

  • Flowmaster 8425152 Super 10 Muffler 409S (2.50)

So far, this is the model viewed with the loudest sound that you’ll get from this Flowmaster Muffler Series. Unlike the other models, this one is designed with a 2.50 center IN and 2.50 Center OUT. The equality of the inlet and outlet of the Super 10 409s Muffler delivers a louder and clearer exhaust sound than the other models. If you’re looking for the loudest exhaust model in Flowmaster’s arsenal, this is the perfect item to add to your vehicle.

Making Your Flowmaster Super 10 Louder

The Flowmaster Super 10 series muffler is viewed as the loudest product made by this USA company. But if you’re still not satisfied with the sound and you have some advanced car DIY skills, there’s still a way to make your muffler louder without buying a new exhaust.

All you have to do is to increase the exit hole in the main exhaust and have a cone-shaped header. Using a 1/4-inch drill bit, drill 20 to 30 holes that are evenly spread in your muffler’s base. The next step is to measure the diameter of the rear exhaust hole. Make sure that your measurement is correct before you buy a cone-shaped exhaust tip header. This type of header amplifies the sound of your exhaust.

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