The Cost of Buying Flowmaster

Flowmaster is one of the biggest names in the car exhaust industry. This company has been creating car exhaust products for more than 35 years now and they just won’t stop releasing exhaust systems that would fit every car owner’s needs and style. You’ve probably already heard about their high-quality products and that’s why you’re here. But one of the most important questions that you have right now is the cost of Flowmaster products. To give you an idea, we’ve categorized the kinds of products from Flowmaster and even included their price range.

  • Flowmaster Exhaust Products

Flowmaster exhaust systems are known for having their unique structure and high quality. These products are Flowmaster’s specialty. In fact, they call themselves an “Exhaust technology company”. This company is focused on bringing exhaust innovations that you don’t see in other companies. As for the price range, a Flowmaster exhaust can cost anywhere between $260 up to $2,100 depending on style and application at the time of publication.

  • Performance Air Intake Systems

Performance intake systems aren’t just made to give your car a good sound. They are also made to improve the horsepower and torque of your vehicle. You can use this product in together with a Flowmaster exhaust system to get the maximum performance for your car. These products or parts are available for as low as $240 and can go up to $450 depending on style and application at the time of publication.

  • Performance Chips

Another way to take your engine’s performance to another level is by getting a Flowmaster performance chip. These products can make your ride smoother and more powerful. The price ranges from $240 to $300 depending on style and application at the time of publication.

  • Air Filter Maintenance

Adding a performance air intake system into your car is not enough. You also need to clean it and maintain it to make sure that your air filters are always in good condition and is giving you the maximum performance that it can. A set of Air Filter Cleaning Kit would cost you around $30 at the time of publication.

Where to find Flowmaster Mufflers

A Flowmaster Muffler can be bought in your auto car parts and accessories store. But if you’re having a hard time finding one, you can try ordering them online from trusted sellers such as TDot Performance, if you’re in Canada and Automotive Stuff, if you’re from the US.

How Much Horsepower Does a Flowmaster Add?

A Flowmaster system can give your car 5-7% more power. If you want this much power, then look for a Flowmaster system that suits your vehicle now!