Optimized Braking Efficiency With EBC Brakes

The EBC Brakes brand makes certain that your vehicle’s stopping power is as reliable and efficient as its acceleration. The company is highly regarded for their broad collection of brake pads, brake rotors, brake calipers as well as complete brake kits. Whether you need parts for sport or street use, the EBC Rotors and Brake Pads are meticulously engineered to be outstandingly better than average stock components. They have used only high-quality materials in their design to certify an exceptional means of improving both vehicle performance and driving safety. Multiple customer reviews all over the internet do not lie when they say that these brake components and brake kits are essential upgrades for any driver.

ebc redstuff brake pads

EBC has manufactured a variety of top-quality brake pads to replace typical OEM semi metallic pads, which have about 50% steel fiber that often generates sparks and damages brake rotors. One particular brake pad that has garnered much praise from the industry is the EBC Redstuff Ceramic Pads, which ensure brake dust is 80% lower than stock variants. These sport brake pads are an excellent upgrade for fast-running street cars, muscle cars and tuned imports. They significantly minimize stopping distances as the ceramic mixture, bevelled edges and centreline slot makes certain of a brake quality that’s free from screeches. These low dust EBC Sport Brake Pads are custom built to replace factory ones so expect an effortless installation. Furthermore, these low dust ceramic pads are suitably powder coated for rust resistance and longevity.

ebc usr ultimax brake rotors

These pads are specifically engineered to work best with an EBC Brake Rotor. The company has established brake rotors that are dependable, robust, and long-lasting. A particular product that highlights this excellence is the EBC Ultimax Slotted Rotors. The Ultimax Sport Slotted Rotors feature accurately cut slots that prevent brake fade by appropriately venting out gasses, moisture and heat. The EBC Ultimax Rotors warrant a silent operation even when you drive across the toughest environments. These slotted brake rotors are custom designed to precisely replace stock discs and function effectively with factory components. Of course, the Ultimax Slotted Rotors undergo thorough reviews and assessments before being released to the market.

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