Installing Covercraft Products

Covercraft is the leading manufacturer of protection products for different vehicles. Car owners trust them because of the high quality that their products have. But what happens after you buy your Covercraft cover? It’s important to know the proper way of installing them so that you can protect your car properly and so that the Covercraft product would last. Here are some guides to install several products that Covercraft offers.

Installing A Covercraft Bra on Your 2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

Covercraft also offers front-end car bras for your car. These Colgan Custom Bras are made to protect your car’s front-end from various elements when you drive it on the road. You might not notice it but damages can be made by bug splatters, pebbles, and road debris. These things can damage your car’s paint and can even cause dents. If you have a 2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder, you should keep your car’s pristine condition using a Covercraft Bra. Here’s how you can install it.

  1. Clean your car’s front first and apply wax. Make sure that you remove moisture to avoid any paint damage.
  2. It might be tempting to put on the car bra as soon as you get it, but remember to let it warm up under the sun first. Doing so would make the product more stretchable. This would allow you to install it easier.
  3. The manufacturer includes an instruction booklet that would allow you to place the straps and hooks in the right places. Work from side to side so that it would be a breeze to make sure that all sides are equally tight.

Installing a Net on Your Covercraft Truck Stop Bar

Have you ever encountered problems when you’re carrying cargo at the back of your car because you cannot keep them in place? Covercraft solves your problems with the truck stop bar. You can easily install it in your minivan, SUV, or truck. This truck stop bar has a solid built, plus, installation doesn’t require you to use any tools. To install the net, simply hookup both ends of the net to either side of the stop bar to spread it. To keep the net closed, you can use the straps to tie specific parts of the net to the bar.

The Covercraft Ultratect Convertible Interior Cover

Having a convertible is a lot of fun. You can drive on the road and feel the rush of the wind against your skin. However, what happens when you finally have to park it in your garage? Do you have to move your car’s roof up every time that you’re parking? Doing so can be a hassle, however, you need to protect your car’s interior from the harmful elements outside.

Luckily, Covercraft can solve your problem with their Ultratect Convertible Interior Cover. This cover protects your car from all types of weather so that your nice interiors can last longer. Aside from the interiors, this cover will also protect your windshield. So if you have a convertible, it’s a great idea to check out the interior covers that fit your car. Don’t let your shiny convertible get damaged. Covercraft interior covers are durable and easy to install so it’s less of a hassle compared to bring your roof back up all the time.

Covercraft Rail System Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover is a must for every truck or pick-up owner. This simple car accessory is very useful since it protects your truck bed from different weather conditions, covers the things that you might be carrying, and gives your truck a more polished and customized look.

The Covercraft Rail System Tonneau Cover will give you these benefits and bring you extra convenience. Unlike other tonneau covers, this product won’t demand any drilling or tools to get installed. Plus, you can open it in any corners. This is an impressive feature because truck owners often have to go around their trucks to load their things since their tonneau covers aren’t as flexible as this product from Covercraft. Using this cover would allow you to load your things such as groceries, camping equipment, and picnic baskets at any side of your truck bed.

Another cool thing about this cover is that you can roll it to the cab when needed. You don’t have to uninstall it completely if you need to have an open truck bed. Simply roll it up and use the straps to secure it. Overall, this is a convenient product that is worth your investment.