The Quality of a Borla Exhaust

Borla exhaust systems are known for having one of the best qualities in the industry. Their products are made of T-304 stainless steel which is durable and rust-resistant. Your exhaust goes through a lot of when you’re driving your vehicle. It would encounter moisture, mud, and high temperature. These things are just some of the elements that can contribute to your exhaust’s exterior deterioration.

Borla makes sure that their exhausts would last a long time and that they are worth your investment. In fact, they are originally made for Rolls Royce and Ferrari vehicles. Borla is so confident with their products’ quality that they offer a Million Mile Warranty for their exhaust systems. This already gives you an assurance that you’re investing your money in the right place.

Borla for the E46 M3

For BMW's E46 M3, Borla has a variety of top-of-the-line products that provide an aggressive sound to your BMW without being annoying or harsh to the ears. These exhausts produce a deep sound that won’t wake up the whole neighborhood but is more than loud enough to make people notice you while driving.

The Borla S Type

Are you tired of having an exhaust system that holds you back from achieving your car’s maximum performance on the road? If yes, then you should replace your old exhaust with Borla’s S Type exhaust system. This product weighs less and has a deep growl that is music to every car owner’s ears. Additionally, it compliments a six-cylinder engine very well.

The Borla ProXS

Thinking of getting a new exhaust that would last you a long time and has a straight pipe design? The Borla ProXS is known for its strength and straight pipe structure. It’s reversible and has a deep tone that is not loud but has a sound that still makes every drive exciting. However, this is not as loud as the S-type which produces sounds that you’ll hear from race cars as well.

The Borla Touring Exhaust

The Borla Touring Exhaust is the best type of exhaust for everyday drivers. Although it’s not as loud as the previous exhaust systems, it still delivers the power of Borla exhaust systems. This item creates a quiet note when idle and produces a moderate note when you accelerate your vehicle. It has a mandrel bent tubing that improves your car’s horsepower. And of course, expect to have a durable exhaust that is backed by Borla’s Million Mile Warranty.