The Best Lift Kits/Suspension Systems

The ultimate buyer’s guide to suspension systems – 2021

Best Lift Kit Options

If you’re looking to get first place in an important race or wanting to get better truck stability in off-road escapades, your vehicle’s suspension system needs to be in proper order. With technology consistently evolving, many vehicle aftermarket manufacturers have claimed to be first when it comes to producing high-quality suspensions. In this article we will view and round up the best performance suspension systems, lift kits and shock absorbers including some of the highest-rated yet affordable suspension and handling brands on the market. In a quest to answer one of the most frequently asked questions, ‘What is the best performance suspension system?’, we review the top brands and their most popular performance products.

Although this list is compiled to provide the most comprehensive overview of the industry’s top suspension systems, lift kits, and shocks, it is by no means to be viewed as 100% exhaustive as there is a sea of suspension manufacturers offering hundreds and thousands of first-rate suspension products for the American car, truck, and SUV owner.

So here is a “brief” list of the best first-rate suspension brands on the market. As America’s top retailer, we carry every lift kit, coilover kit, leveling kit, shocks and struts, wheel spacers, and any other innovation produced by these suspension and handling brands. So if you have a favorite one, you can simply click on it to view and find the parts and accessories you want to get.

Best Lift Kit Brands

Do you really need an aftermarket suspension system?

Yes, if you want your car, truck, or Jeep to get dramatically improved ride quality, handling, and overall performance. As we all know, factory suspension systems are viewed to be notoriously ineffective in delivering the complete package, which is a comfortable ride, enhanced handling and easy adjustability. On the other hand, purchasing aftermarket performance kits means investing in high-quality shocks, springs, and sway bars that will not only add some custom stance to your vehicle but will also reduce body roll without compromising ride quality.

The benefit of purchasing a complete suspension kit is that it will come with carefully assembled suspension parts designed to work in perfect unison with your vehicle model, year, and make.

The Best Suspension Kit

Whether you want to raise your four-wheeler for extra big tires, give your truck a jaw-dropping look, or just upgrade your Jeep’s performance on the trails, you need a lift kit! As its name suggests, a top-quality lift kit efficiently lifts your ride while ensuring superb driving stability on different road conditions. Covering almost every truck, Jeep, and SUV on the road, some of the best suspension kits offer easy installation, a smooth lifting process, and a lifetime guarantee to give you peace of mind. So no matter if you are a daily driver looking to get improved ride quality, a truck driver aiming to lift his ride to get a more aggressive off-road stance, or a professional first-place track racer on a grand quest to upgrade your rig’s handling potential while reducing body roll, a well-chosen lift kit will provide the ticket.

With the automotive industry continuously evolving, the lift kits engineered have also improved in terms of precision. The best suspension kit that suitably lifts your ride will depend on your vehicle’s model, the specific height you want to create, and, finally, your specific budget. Fortunately, there is a great variety of suspension kits for all budgets, so with a little research and comparing, you can achieve the perfect balance between price, ride comfort, and sheer performance.

Suspension lift kits by default are designed to lift both the body of your truck and the suspension system in various inches. In today’s fast-changing market, you’ll be able to get suspension lift kits for trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, and even cars. These kits are first-class upgrades used to install bigger tires to get through the roughest off-road trails. With a first-rate lifted stance, the way others view your truck is sure to change. Lift kits are also to get better stability in the toughest hauling jobs. Nevertheless, the best lift kits that are a precise fit for your vehicle will depend on what you are looking to improve on:

  • Daily driving
  • Off-roading
  • Towing and hauling
  • Street performance
  • Custom height adjustability

Multiple accounts in the aftermarket industry have produced excellent lift kits. However, there are a select few who get to claim that their lift kits are of first-class quality. Here are some of the lift kits that are viewed to be among the best for the year 2021. This list is based on overall performance, durability, and user reviews.

A suspension lift kit precisely lifts your vehicle with regards to your specific needs and comes with all the essential components needed for optimized suspension performance. These lift kits are rated the best and at the top of the market because of the carefully selected, high-quality components they include, such as shocks, struts, coilovers, sway bars, bushings, etc. These parts work in cohesion in ensuring the kit efficiently lifts your ride to the appropriate height desired. The kits allow you to either lower your vehicle to the ground or raise its body up to 6-inches to equip larger tires and revamp its look for a more aggressive stance.

The most popular suspension kits are:

Other quality lift kit suppliers include BDS, SST, and Superlift. As we can see, the top and most popular suspension kits are body lift kits. Body lift kits are typically the least expensive choice and are created to get more space for larger wheels and tires on a truck or Jeep. Custom made lift kits come with parts and accessories specifically engineered to raise the front or rear of your truck, Jeep, or SUV. Lift kits allow you to get a dramatically boosted performance while revamping your vehicle’s stance and effectively changing how people view them. The kits are available with several options.

  • Spring over axle (SPOA) lift kits
  • Shackle reversal lift kits
  • Shackle lift kits
  • Lifted spring suspension lift kits
  • Coil suspension lift kits

The Best Shock Absorbers for Modern Trucks and Cars

Another essential part of your car, truck, or Jeep’s suspension are shock absorbers. Shocks are utilized to get the blow caused by a bumpy road and dampen your ride. Shocks get the job done by dampening the shaking and bounce that come from the spring and tires, as well as making sure the chassis isn’t affected by this movement. When you’re driving on the road, your vehicle will bounce up and down or get slightly jostled once in a while. Shocks are used to reduce the movement you feel inside your vehicle.

The first order of business when selecting the ideal shocks is to get ones that precisely accommodate your car, truck, or Jeep’s application. There are different types of shocks available in the market including heavy-duty shocks which are ideal for larger trucks and Jeeps looking to haul heavy loads or get through harsh off-roads. Gas shocks integrate nitrogen gas to allow cars with smaller specs to conquer the road’s hardest bumps. Of course, coilovers are viewed by many as the most innovative variants that feature a spring coil wrapped around the shock cylinder. Some first-class manufacturers of shocks include Bilstein, KYB, Rancho, KONI, and Fox Shox. These brands are viewed as some of the best in today’s market so if you’re looking to get new shocks, it would be best to get those from these manufacturers.

Listed below are some of the best suspension brands designing and manufacturing suspension lift kits for a variety of vehicles.

Leaf Spring Kits

Leaf springs combine the power of airbags, shocks, and sway bars. They absorb load pressure at the rear while supporting the suspension system. Most high-quality leaf springs are engineered to easily attach to the body or frame of your truck. Well-designed wheel springs will reduce sway, sag, and wheel hop while simultaneously smoothening handling.

Add-A-Leaf Kits

Add-a-leaf kits add extra leafs to your vehicle’s spring set to provide some extra load capacity. Add-a-leafs are ideal for light-duty trucks, utility vehicles, mini-buses, vans, and motorhomes in need of an extra load carrying capacity at the front or rear springs. Add-a-leaf kits are easy to install as you only have to insert the additional leafs into your existing leaf system. An example of such well-esteemed kits is Fabtech’s Add-A-Leaf.

Benefits of leaf spring kits

  • Boost ability to handle heavy loads when towing
  • Reduce sway, sag and wheel hop
  • Smoothen handling
  • Superior flexibility and wheel travel
  • Improve control under heavy load
  • Add extra height or restores a vehicle’s previous height
  • Easy installation in the factory position

The best leaf springs on the market for your car, truck, or Jeep are available courtesy of Tuff Country, ReadyLift, Skyjacker, Pro Comp, Hellwig, Rancho, and Fabtech.

The Best Shock Absorbers for Modern Trucks and Cars

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