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Suspension Systems

Best Aftermarket Suspension Companies

Best car suspension brand

The key responsibility of a car suspension is to provide good consistent friction between the tires and the road surface. As the vehicle’s axles and wheels are connected to the suspension system, this results in better overall steering stability and a comfortable ride for passengers while on their seats. If your car has poor suspension components, it ends up wearing down in the long run thus an upgrade would be needed for reliable vehicle stability along with better acceleration and brake quality. When it comes to brand performance, it boils down to the biggest players on the market and their top-ranked suspension systems that will get you the best bang for your buck. There are hundreds of suspension and handling brands out there, but only a dozen that truly stand out from the crowd for being the best in a specific category. Brands can be ranked according to “best shock absorber”, “best coil spring kit”, “best complete suspension system”, “best truck suspension system” and more.

For example, Bilstein, KYB, Koni, Eibach, Rancho and Skyjacker have consistently been eclipsing their competition in the category “best shock absorbers”. HSD, Tein, GReddy, Skunk2, KW Suspensions and aFe have been dominating the scene in the “best coilovers” category.

In comparison, other suspension brands have a less consistent track record in these categories, but they definitely have top-quality products dedicated to specific parts of a suspension, such as torsion bars leveling kits, leaf spring kits and more.

When it comes to who makes the best suspension systems, different factors come into play such as your vehicle model and the specific application it’s being utilized on. So it’s not possible to single out a brand as the absolute “best suspension brand” considering that suspension systems are some of the most complex parts of a vehicle and as such are made of a large variety of individual components, each of which can qualify a given suspension brand as “leading” or “lacking”.

A better approach in making comparisons and ranking the best suspension brands of 2018 would be to review the most popular suspension manufacturers according to how extensive their product line is and how “popular” they truly are among Canadian and American drivers.

Who Makes the Best Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts play a fundamental role in a suspension system. They are responsible for damping spring movement and reducing oscillation. Although they function similarly, shocks and struts are different parts and cannot be used to replace one another. A vehicle will either have a shock or a strut at each wheel but never both. So what is the difference between shocks and struts? A shock absorber prevents the car from bouncing and improves handling. Shocks are designed with velocity-sensitive features where they are good in overcoming light bumps on the road and they give your ride reliable resistance vs big bumps. The key difference between shocks vs struts is that the latter is a structural part of a vehicle’s suspension system while shocks are not. This means that in comparison to struts, shocks are not essential in getting your ride to operate. However, they play a great part in ensuring your car’s driving quality is comfortable.

On the other hand, a strut is a structural part of a vehicle’s suspension system. Since struts support the weight of a vehicle, they are fundamental in getting a vehicle to operate. The strut also plays a great role in the vehicle’s steering system by ensuring the appropriate alignment angles. Struts allow the adjustment of the camber and caster angles as well as serve as a pivot point for the vehicle’s steering system. What’s more, the strut contains a coil spring which makes certain the height of the car is maintained. In today’s vehicle makes and models, MacPherson struts are the most utilized type of strut. These struts merge the spring and strut assembly as a single component to eliminate the upper control arm.

Replacing worn or inadequate shocks and struts are key in maintaining good ride control and preventing vehicle suspension wear. When it comes to who makes the best car shocks and struts, KYB Excel-G OE Performance Shocks and Struts are a great choice for complete comfort and control on the streets and highway. Meanwhile, the innovative features of the KYB Monomax or the Bilstein B6 Heavy-Duty Shocks and Struts make for great options for vehicle towing applications. For off-road enthusiasts, the Rancho RS5000 Series and Bilstein’s 5100 Series Shocks and Struts have undergone rigorous assessments and reviews to give your vehicle exceptionally good and reliable performance.

Best Aftermarket Suspension Options

Premier Suspension Brands with the Best Ratings

We’ve discussed that the perfect manufacturer for suspension upgrades would be difficult to assess and make comparisons. The ideal way of deciding the best brand would depend on how comprehensive their product line-up is and how the modern driver reviews them. That’s why today, we decided to review only a dozen out of a long list of suspension brands popular among North American auto enthusiasts and car owners. Whether they’ve engineered the perfect struts for off-road driving or coilovers with exceptionally good ratings on demanding car races, these are the brands that you can completely trust to exceed overall expectations. Ranked by user reviews left on our website, the list of the highest-rated manufacturers looks like this:

  1. Bilstein
  2. Eibach
  3. KW Suspensions
  4. Koni
  5. Air Lift
  6. Skyjacker
  7. KYB
  8. GReddy
  9. Dorman
  10. Hotchkis
  11. HSD Coilovers
  12. HKS
  13. Fabtech
  14. Skunk2
  15. Hellwig

BILSTEIN is well-reviewed by the industry for being at the forefront when it comes to exceptional shocks, struts, coil springs, lift kits, steering stabilizers, and many other suspension upgrades. The core BILSTEIN brand was founded by August back in 1873 in Altenvoerde, today’s Ennepetal. In 1927, the company entered the automotive scene when it began manufacturing chrome-plated bumpers and side-car jacks. In the 1950s, BILSTEIN started to make and develop innovative shock absorber technology and has ever since been revolutionizing the damping technology, one shock at a time. Over time, they have become front and center in the development of hydraulic shocks and gas pressure shocks with either mono-tube or twin-tube technology. These shocks come complete with all key features needed to improve damping force and enhance a vehicle’s overall driving performance. Hands down one of the best suspension brands on the US market today, BILSTEIN has become synonymous with top quality and high performance. From their lift kits to their shocks and struts, BILSTEIN ensures the perfect engineering and a better-than-good quality that lasts a lifetime. For more than six decades, BILSTEIN has been manufacturing industry-leading dampers used all over the world in motor racing, including Niki Lauda’s and Alain Prost’s cars in Formula One.

Another leading manufacturer of adjustable shocks, KONI has become a dominating force to be reckoned with. In 1945, the company was front and center as they engineered the industry’s first adjustable shocks. Made from the highest quality raw materials and precision machined to the highest quality standards using patented FSD (Frequency Selective Technology), KONI’s performance shocks are some of the best on the market. From mono-tube to twin-tube variants, KONI’s Shocks are a sure means of obtaining consistently stable ride quality while giving passengers a comfortable feel in their seats. Guaranteeing a great upgrade and a perfect fit for different makes and models, KONI’s epic product line extends to daily driven and recreational vehicles, railway, defense, truck, trailer as well as motorsports and racing!

Founded in 1919, KYB boasts the largest production volume of any automotive shock absorber manufacturer in the world. With a staggering number of facilities spread across 32 locations in 21 separate countries, KYB is not only one of the best but definitely among the largest suspension and handling brands operating in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Considered the world’s largest supplier of shocks and struts for vehicle manufacturers, KYB is also a premier supplier to major OEMs including GM, Honda, Infiniti, Nissan Chrysler, and more. Check out KYB if you are after oil and gas shock absorbers, high-pressure mono-tube shocks as well as dual-tube ones with all the key features needed to significantly boost the overall ride quality.

TTEIN USA dates back to 2001 when it was opened for business in its original location in Paramount, California. TEIN specializes in top quality suspension components for street applications, designing performance products specifically for the Americas, products that are not available anywhere else in the world. Compared to other vehicle parts manufacturers, TEIN is well-regarded for designing shocks and other suspension upgrades with key features based on different consumer demands and vehicle needs. TEIN designs and makes its spring rates, valving, ride height, and ride height adjustability specifically for the road conditions of the USA and Canada. You cannot go wrong with TEIN!

Eibach is the proud creator of some of the finest performance parts in America. Since its rising in 1949, the company has been well-reviewed by the industry for developing high-quality performance suspension parts for top race teams across the F1, WRC, Le Mans, NASCAR along with street-driven vehicles for the American driver. Eibach’s line-up includes lowering springs, coil springs, shocks and struts, sway bars, and many more. All of which are designed with key features that bestow better vehicle stability along with improved handling, cornering, and brake quality on the road without excessive body roll. Whether it is their Pro-Truck Sport Shock Absorbers, Pro Damper Performance Shocks, or all-terrain lift kits you are after, Eibach is hands down one of the top picks in your quest to perfection.

Air Lift
Airlift is another monster name in suspension and handling, having specialized in suspension products since 1949. Today, the company sells its top quality air springs, shocks and struts, compressor systems, and lift kits worldwide, covering over 540 vehicles. The Air Lift Brand is reviewed by many to be the best choice if you are looking for unparalleled air helper springs for your truck, van, CUV, or SUV. The Michigan-based family-owned business is also a leader in great easy-to-install, no-drill kits that directly and perfectly bolt onto your ride’s frame.

KW Suspensions
When you are looking for an intelligent suspension solution engineered for sheer performance, KW Suspensions stands out from the crowd. A forefront in the automotive industry, the company designs and manufactures some of the best adaptive damping systems, in particular, vehicle-specific coilovers for the daily driver and the racer. From springs over sports suspensions to dedicated coilover suspensions, KW Automotive North America offers a unique price-performance ratio for every driver on the road. Check out KW’s complete menu of vehicle upgrades including hydraulic lift systems, shocks and struts, lowering kits, and adjustable spring kits.

Skyjacker Suspensions boasts some of the most innovative performance lift kits, suspension kits, and individual shock absorbers out there. The company has been developing top-of-the-line suspension technology for more than 40 years. Whether you need complete lift kits, strut assemblies, front and rear suspension kits, or mono-tube and twin-tube shock absorbers, Skyjacker’s complete arsenal is truly impressive. No wonder it is regarded by many as one of the best and most sought after suspension brands on the road.

GReddy is another top pick for one of the best suspension brands in the American market as it develops and manufactures a large product line of performance parts, including coilover kits, exhaust systems, and other high-quality products at an affordable price. In its pursuit of the ultimate in performance coilovers, GReddy and KW Suspension collaborated to come up with premium quality coilovers, offering an unparalleled balance of traction, adjustability, and comfort for American roads and tracks.

Using cutting-edge computer simulation and modeling techniques, Skunk2 has specialized in the development of high-quality performance parts since 1994. Skunk2 manufactures a complete menu of fundamental vehicle upgrades with progressive features. This menu is composed of just about anything from top quality suspension parts to engine components, camshafts, manifolds, gears, and more. In fact, its extensive line of performance products has been dominating various forms of motorsport applications, allowing Skunk2 to secure many drag racing and road racing records across American championships. Its enormous suspension product line includes coilovers, race springs, lowering springs, sport shocks, camber kits, control arms, strut bars, and more.


This shortlist included some of the best, most trusted, and well-reviewed suspension brands on the road today. You cannot go wrong in choosing a product from either of the brands listed in this menu as they specialize in delivering some of the highest quality suspension parts to consumers in Canada, the USA, and overseas. Whether you need a brand that makes good shock absorbers or great-quality struts, the high reviews and ratings of these manufacturers confirm their reliability and efficiency.

For drivers and car enthusiasts in the United States, Automotive Stuff is front and center when it comes to the newest and well-reviewed vehicle suspension upgrades. Whether you need a complete strut assembly, twin-tube shocks, or coil springs, our verified shop carries a large menu of all the suspension upgrades you need to make ends meet. Compared to other authorized vehicle parts dealers, we are at the front when it comes to the lowest prices. As a progressive retailer, Automotive Stuff also offers many other vehicle upgrades to improve your ride quality. For those in need of new brake pads, air filters, axle shafts, or even a complete engine assembly, our quick shipment system ensures that regardless of whether you live in San Francisco, Detroit, Washington, or anywhere else in the United States, we’ll have your complete orders delivered to your front gate in no time.

If you are still asking yourself, “what is the best car suspension brand” for your specific ride, please do not hesitate to ask us for advice. We are here to help! Our reliable customer service makes good on our promise to help you find the best coilover kits, lowering springs, or shocks and struts that have the key features for your specific make and model. For in-depth reviews on great suspension upgrades and the best prices in all of the United States, look no further than Automotive Stuff!

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