The Best Coilovers: We Explain How to Choose Them

best coilovers

The most well-regarded vehicle aftermarket manufacturers have engineered a large selection of exceptional suspension systems and components such as spring kits, shock absorbers, lift kits, and many others to boost vehicle handling. When it comes to demanding applications that require high-speed handling and an awesome look, coilover kits are the ideal upgrades. Coilovers are rooted from the term “coil over spring”. They are a highly-efficient suspension system that allows users to adjust the ride height, damper, and other aspects of your car or truck for optimal drivability.

Designed to replace factory shocks and springs as the standard suspension for your car, a coilover utilizes a long coil spring with a shock absorber mounted down the length of the coil. For the wheel to move upwards, the springs and shocks of coilovers must compress. The spring is engineered to accommodate your car’s weight as the shock absorber damps the spring’s bouncing. When the spring is in motion, the damper must prevent it from moving so your car doesn’t bounce off of the road. It reliably prevents the spring from bouncing with the use of rebound force and compression force.

Replacing Factory Springs and Shocks with a New Coilover Kit

Whether your car model is a Jeep, Volkswagen or BMW, its performance is sure to be fully-boosted when you pick up any one of today’s most cutting-edge coilover kits. When you shop for the best fitting coilover model for your car or truck, there are many factors to consider. The first thing you need to do to filter out what model fits your needs is to simply decide what application the upgrade is going to be used for. Is your car going be driven on heavyweight competitions like drag racing or simply for daily commutes on the streets? Consider whether the coilover you’re shopping for has a pillow-ball or rubber upper mount. This part is the joint between the strut assembly and the car. A pillow-ball upper mount bestows better handling but moves the vibrations from a harsh ride through the suspension easily. Meanwhile, rubber upper mounts that are used by most of today’s coilovers absorb the impact for a smoother ride.

Another important aspect to take note of is the spring rate. The spring rate represents the amount of weight needed to compress the spring by one inch. A high spring rate bestows better handling but a stiff ride. On the other hand, a low spring rate generates a softer quality, but more body-roll when cornering. Last but not least, the price of a coilover upgrade plays a crucial role in your decision. Are you on a tight budget and do not mind just the basic benefits of a coilover or are you looking to optimize your car’s performance with the best of the best? If you’re looking for a top upgrade that provides your car the benefits of better ride height and handling for a cost-efficient price, we highly suggest integrating the Megan Racing EZII Street Coilovers. In this article, we aim to make your shopping experience a whole lot easier by showcasing the very best coilover kits of today and we’ll make sure you select the best option for your specific car or truck model.

kw suspensions clubsport coilovers

1. KW Suspensions Clubsport Coilover Kits

Bring out the full force of your sports car and stay in front of the competition on the most rigorous tracks by installing the excellent KW Suspensions Clubsport Coilovers. These top-of-the-market suspension systems allow your ride to be fine-tuned to accommodate different track surfaces, changes in elevation, and quick corners. With KW’s patented cutting-edge racing technology, this system allows the precise adjustment of damper settings in high and low-speed compression to ensure your performance and lap time change the way the opposition views your ride.

skunk2 racing pro-s ii coilovers

2. Skunk2 Racing Pro-S II Coilovers

One of the best coilover kits today is Skunk2’s Racing Pro-S II. These coilovers integrate an outstanding mono-tube design to enhance stability and control whether it’s for extensive races or everyday drives. The race-appropriate micro-polished mono-tube construction works exceptionally in cohesion with the one-piece forged shock bodies to generate unparalleled performance. The Skunk2 Racing Pro-S II features precise vehicle ride height adjustment, vehicle-specific springs, better road grip, enhanced corners, and a more aggressive vehicle appearance.

h&r street performance coilovers

3. H&R Street Performance Coilovers

Emphasizing versatility, H&R’s Street Performance Coilover Kits are a great upgrade that gives drivers an easy option to switch their ride from daily-driving to race-appropriate. These suspension systems provide both precise vehicle dampening control and smooth ride height adjustment. The kit’s progressive spring rates, fully-threaded shock bodies, and fully-adjustable spring seats allow your ride to effortlessly adapt to different road conditions. Depending on your vehicle model, these suspension upgrades allow ride height to be lowered from about 1 to 2.7 Inches for decreased body roll when cornering and a well-balanced vehicle weight.

st suspensions xta coilover

4. ST Suspensions XTA

Optimize your car’s performance with the ST Suspension XTA Coilovers. These models integrate the excellent KW Damper Technology which generates a stiffer or softer suspension depending on driving conditions. The model features an adjustable aluminum top mount for the fine-tuning of the camber and caster to accommodate your performance needs. Ride height adjustment is precisely done through a continuous thread on the galvanized strut for a seamless look. Emphasizing on enhancing the driving dynamics of your car, this suspension model’s features include a composite spring perch, a two-piece racing spring system, and weather-resistant design. A great pick for serious performance enthusiasts, the XTA offers outstanding suspension travel to boost the ride quality and handling of your vehicle.

kw suspensions street comfort coilover

5. KW Suspensions Street Comfort Coilover Kit

If driving comfort is your main priority in updating your suspension system then the KW Suspensions Street Comfort Coilover Kit should be at the front of your choices when you shop. If your car’s factory suspension proves to be too difficult, this coilover kit will easily adjust the height from about 10 to 40 mm to accommodate your specific vehicle model. Regardless of the height, this KW model will reliably fine-tune the car’s rebound damping for more comfortable ride quality.

h&r rss+ coilover

6. H&R RSS+ Coilovers

Guaranteed to be excellent suspension parts for motorsport performance applications, the H&R RSS+ Coilovers are fine-tuned with progressive spring rates so you can bet on smooth handling and next-level performance to bring your car to the front of the competition. These suspension upgrades are for anyone willing to sacrifice a bit of ride comfort to bring out your car’s full force when it comes to the toughest races. The RSS+ features external damping adjustment that changes compression and rebound damping at the same time to reduce lap times and keep your vehicle at the front of the competition. The easy-to-adjust spring seats produce the ideal ride heights for optimal vehicle drivability.

bilstein b16 coilover

7. Bilstein B16 Coilover Suspension Kits

When it comes to top-quality race-inspired suspension systems that provide your car reliable control on daily street commutes and sporty applications, Bilstein’s B16 Coilover Suspension Kits are a force to be reckoned with. These awesome models are a top pick for today’s drivers thanks to the manually adjustable damping that’s matched with mono-tube gas shock absorbers and 9 or 10-stage compression and rebound settings that allow adjustment from comfort to full performance. The mono-tube shock absorbers effortlessly contain the weight of your vehicle while the 10-layer damping force mechanism promotes easy adjustment even after being setup.

eibach pro truck lift coilover

8. Eibach PRO TRUCK Lift Coilovers

Conquer harsh off-roads by installing the comprehensive heavy-weight suspension solution known as the Eibach Pro-Truck Coilovers. With effective multi-level spring perch grooves, your ride suitably accommodates heavy weight and produces optimized clearance. The multi-level spring perch adjustment also makes certain of a sag-free and consistent ride height for exceptional ruggedness and reliable performance. Made from heavy-duty corrosion and abrasion-resistant coatings, these suspension parts certify reliability even with the weight of multiple accessories and upgrades integrated to your ride.

megan racing ezii street coilover

9. Megan Racing EZII Street Coilover Kits

Searching for suspension systems that boost your ride’s handling but are on a tight budget? Look no further than Megan Racing’s EZII Street Coilover Kits. This street-appropriate kit is a budget-priced suspension system that offers efficient adjustments for improved drivability on the streets. With conservative spring rates and high-grade materials integrated, this suspension system makes zero compromises in quality and performance amidst its low price.

Best Prices for Shocks, Coilovers, Lift Kits, and Other Suspension Upgrades

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